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"The T.Rex Wax Co. Singles: A's and B's 1972-77" by T.REX (2002 Edsel 2CD Remasters - Reissued In 2014) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"...Tippy-Toed Vamp A Rider..."

Although it doesn't contain his first four monster hits as T. Rex - "Ride A White Swan" (Oct 1970), "Hot Love" (February 1971), "Get It On" (July 1971) and "Jeepster" (November 1971) - this stunning April 2002 2CD set on Edsel MEDCD 714 (Barcode 740155171421) gives us everything afterwards and is a fantastic listen for it.

"A's and B's 1972 - 1977" does exactly what it says on the tin – providing you with all those EMI/T.Rex Wax Co Label UK 7" singles we bought in those distinctive T.Rex label bags (it stills gives me a kick to look at them to this day). Here's a detailed breakdown of the Metal Gurus and 20th Century Boys:

Disc 1 (69:56 minutes):
1. Telegram Sam b/w Cadillac and Baby Strange - January 1972, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label T-REX 101
2. Metal Guru b/w Thunderwing and Lady – May 1972, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 1
3. Children Of The Revolution b/w Jitterbug Love and Sunken Rags – September 1972. EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 2
4. Solid Gold Easy Action b/w Xmas Riff and Born To Boogie – December 1972, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 3
5.  20th Century Boy b/w Free Angel – March 1973, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 4
6. The Groover b/w Midnight – June 1973, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 5
7. Truck On (Tyke) b/w Sitting Here – November 1973, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 6
8. Teenage Dream b/w Satisfaction Pony – January 1974, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co Label MARC 7
9. Light of Love b/w Explosive Mouth – July 1974 – EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 8
10. Zip Gun Boogie b/w Space Boss – November 1974 – EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 9

Disc 2 (56:35 minutes):
1. New York City b/w Chrome Sitar – June 1975, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 10
2. Dreamy Lady b/w Do You Wanna Dance? and Dock Of The Boy – September 1975, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co Label MARC 11
3. London Boys b/w Solid Baby – February 1976, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 13
4. I Love To Boogie b/w Baby Boomerang – June 1976, EMI. T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 14
5. Laser Love b/w Life’s An Elevator – September 1976, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co Label MARC 15
6. To Know You Is Love You (To Know Him Is To Love Him) b/w City Port by MARC BOLAN and GLORIA JONES – January 1977, EMI Records EMI 2572
7. The Soul Of My Suit b/w All Alone – March 1977, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 16
8. Dandy In The Underworld b/w Groove A Little and Tame My Tiger – May 1977, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 17
9. Celebrate Summer b/w Ride My Wheels – August 1977, EMI/T.Rex Wax Co. Label MARC 17

The fold-out inlay with liner notes by T.Rex/Marc Bolan expert MARK PAYTRESS is jam-packed with details on the all the tracks and pictures those famous labels we bought in Woolworths with the excitement of buying the next Beatles seven.
The remasters are fabulous – full of power and muscle – giving "20th Century Boy" and "I Love To Boogie" huge punch.

It’s not all magic of course – “Dreamy Lady” is terrible dreck and I still recall the feeling of disappointment when “Truck On (Tyke)” came out – it was the end for him by that time. But tracks like “New York City”, “Teenage Dream” and “Laser Love” still have that Bolan magic - and how good is to hear all those cracking non-album B-sides - “Thunderwing” (lyrics above), “Sunken Rags”, “Free Angel” and “Life’s An Elevator” to name but a few. He used album tracks only twice to my knowledge – “Solid Baby” from "Bolan's Zip-Gun" and "Baby Boomerang" from 1972's "The Slider" – but again they’re superb inclusions. It’s also nice to have that Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones rare 7” on CD too. Speaking of one-off oddities – it’s worth mentioning the lone exclusion on this set – “Christmas Bop” which was to be MARC 12 in December 1975 – but was withdrawn.

Sometimes you don’t have to pay the earth to get great sound, fab music, nice presentation and a reasonable price for 2CDs. What a blast...and what a loss. I miss him…

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