Thursday, 4 February 2016

"Soul, Funk & Jazz Fusion: Exceptional CD Remasters" by Mark Barry. A SOUNDS GOOD Music Book.

SOUNDS GOOD Music Book Series (e-Books)

Exceptional CD Remasters

I've six books in the Series now and I've just massively upgraded one of those titles - SOUL, FUNK & JAZZ FUSION - an E-Book with over 240 entries and 2100 e-Pages - purchase on Amazon and search any artist or song (click the link below). Huge amounts of info taken directly from the discs (no cut and paste crap). 

Simply Click On The Link Above And It Will Bring To The Book's Page on AMAZON...

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Spines of Exceptional CD Remasters

Spines of Exceptional CD Remasters

INDEX - Artists, Albums, Record Labels, CD Remaster Engineers, Liner Notes Authors, Links etc