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CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEAS for CD - The Less Taken Path - A List by Amazon Hall Of Fame Reviewer Mark Barry...

I get asked a lot (via e-mail) to advise on gifts - especially music title - so here goes...
(I've reviewed most of these so look up the Index below for more details)...


For the Soul nutter in your life, a genius selection of 20 iconic albums stretching from the early Sixties through to the early Seventies - each remastered and each in a natty card repro sleeve. Obvious choices (Otis, Aretha, Pickett and so on) but its the slices in-between that are such great discoveries like Donny Hathaway and Howard Tate...about £30...

Stunning Double-Album from Elton in 1973 (originally on DJM Records)  - Reissued and Remastered onto a DELUXE EDITION 2CD Set. Features the entire double on Disc 1 - new duet and collaboration recordings on CD2 with a live gig from the day...and only £7.89...

Was to be Zeppelin's vocalist before Plant nabbed the best job - Terry Reid is one of those fantastic British singers that can wow you (still gigs to this day). Think Steve Marriott meets Gary Holton (of The Heavy Metal Kids) with the Soulfulness of say Joe Cocker or Robert Palmer. This 5CD Series has a lot of hidden gems in it - and this is one of them. Albums from 1968, 1969, 1973, 1977 and 1991. Around eleven quid or less...

Vastly underrated American Icon - what puts this 'Best Of' for John 'Cougar' Mellencamp into the winner catagory is the excellence of the two exclusive songs "Thank You" and "Walk Tall" alongside storming Remasters of a huge range of album tracks you don't know but should...only six quid and less in certain places...

Shockingly good value for money considering the sheer class of this - all her best Atlantic Records singles (including rare but beautiful B-sides like "Pledging My Love/The Clock") on a 2CD kicker. 
Less than a fiver!

There is a 2-Disc Deluxe Edition of this but this 1CD variant is all you need. Again much of his Eighties material has remained infuriatingly untouched as far as decent remasters go (excepting expensive and deleted Mobile Fidelity titles) - so this lot expertly transferred by Stephen Marcussen (who did The Stones Seventies catalogue) offers crafted goody after crafted nugget. Six quid and less in the right places...

While "Jagged Little Pill" remains many people's fave by ALANIS MORISSETTE (and a 90s icon) - she made a few after that didn't go down so well. So this absolute nugget from 2004 kind of got lost through the years. It's a stunning and positive rocker of an album where songs like "Excuses" and "Knees Of My Bees" are lyrically and musically brilliant (pain and joy in equal measure). Yours for less than four quid and under a £1 in places...

It hit many so hard when Soundgarden/Audioslave's awesome singer CHRIS CORNELL finished with the world in May 2017 aged only 52 - but this gem remained. Possessed of a way with Acoustic Guitar melodies and a set of vocal pipes that would make Robert Plant and Brian Johnson nervous - for such a hurt man - he produced incredibly uplifting and soul-touching music. Like Stevie Ray Vaughan - his loss rankers even now. Give this a try...less that six quid...

Five more DAD ROCK choices from Universal's 2CD DELUXE EDITION Series - fabulous remasters and all now the cheapest they've ever been...

More DAD ROCK but from Sony's LEGACY EDITION 2CD Series - again great remasters and some surprising bargains/forgotten albums...

"Legend Of A Mind: The Underground Anthology" by VARIOUS [Decca and Deram Labels] featuring Bill Fay, The End, Bulldog Breed, T2, Caravan, Leafhound, Granny’s Intentions, Johnny Almond Music Machine, Trapeze, Moody Blues, Savoy Brown, Daryl Way and more (January 2003 Universal/Decca 3CD Mini Clamshell Box Set – Paschal Byrne Remasters) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"…Voodoo Forest…"

With a hefty 40-tracks stretching from 1967 to 1976 - as I recall this was the first of those dinky little 3CD mini box set label-retrospectives that UNIVERSAL began putting out with alarming regularity at the beginning of the Naughties. But what it oddly doesn’t say in the Legend Of A Mind: The Underground Anthology title (or anywhere on the box for that matter) is that 29 of those slices of Psych/Prog/Hard Rock madness come from Decca’s Progressive Rock label imprint DERAM. So it’s essentially a DERAM retrospective (the other 11 tracks are on Decca and the Threshold label).

And with the experienced compiling team of MARK POWELL and engineer PASCHAL BYRNE behind the overall presentation – you get clever track choices, fantastically knowledgeable liner notes and uniformly great sound. There’s so much to discover on here and it isn’t all unlistenable proggy knob either. So here are the details for the Voodoo Forest, Granny’s Intentions and Cheerful Insanity. And just to wash those all down - a Nymphenburger on the Hellbound Train while you Jig-A-Jig with a Funky Nomad Tribe (if you know what I mean)…

UK-released January 2003 – "Legend Of A Mind: The Underground Anthology" by VARIOUS ARTISTS on Universal/Decca 5857832 (Barcode 0731458578321) is a 3CD Mini Clamshell Box Set that breaks down as follows:

Disc 1 – card sleeve pictures The Bulldog Breed (77:04 minutes):
1. Legend Of A Mind [1974 Remix] – THE MOODY BLUES (originally a track on their 3rd album from July 1968 "In Search Of The Lost Chord" on Deram SML 717 – this version is the 1974 remix from the double-album compilation "This Is The Moody Blues" released November 1974 in the UK on Threshold MB 1-2)
2. Screams In The Ears – BILL FAY (August 1967 UK 7" single on Deram DM 143, A-Side. Note: the non-album B-side "Some Good Advice" is on the "Strange Pleasures" 3CD Box from 2008 – see separate review)
3. Suite No. One – GILES, GILES & FRIPP on the LP "The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp" released September 1968 in the UK on Deram DML 1022 (Mono) and SML 1022 (Stereo) - Stereo mix used. The track is written by Robert Fripp and along with Pete and Michael Giles later became KING CRIMSON)
4. Introspection – Part One – THE END (on the UK album "Introspection" released November 1969 on Decca LK-R 5015 (Mono) and SKL-R 5015 (Stereo) - Stereo mix used.)
5. I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes – TEN YEARS AFTER (on their debut LP "Ten Years After" released October 1967 on Deram DML 1015 (Mono) and SML 1015 (Stereo) - Stereo mix used.)
6. Austin Osmanspare – BULLDOG BREED (on the UK album "Made In England" released January 1970 on Deram Nova DN 5 (Mono) and SDN 5 (Stereo) - Stereo mix is used. Band featured BERNARD JINKS and KEITH CROSS who went on to form T2 (see track 11 on Disc 1). Cross also teamed up with Peter Ross and produced a lovely folky type album on Decca Records called "Bored Civilians" (see separate review))
7. The Song Of McGuillicudie The Pusillanimous – EGG (on the UK album "Egg" released March 1970 on Deram DN 14 (Mono) and SDN 14 (Stereo) - Stereo mix used.)
8. Voodoo Forest – JOHNNY ALMOND MUSIC MACHINE (on the UK album "Patent Pending" released July 1969 on Deram DML 1043 (Mono) and SML 1043 (Stereo) - Stereo mix used.)
9. Nymphenburger – EAST OF EDEN (on their 2nd UK LP "Snafu" released February 1970 on Deram DML 1050 (Mono) and SML 1050 (Stereo) – Stereo mix Used)
10. Once Upon A Hill/Put That In Your Pipe & Smoke It – AARDVARK (on their only album "Aardvark" released March 1970 on Deram DN 17 (Mono) and SDN 17 (Stereo) – Stereo mix used)
11. No More White Horses – T2 (on the UK album "It'll All Work Out In Boomland" released July 1970 on Decca SKL 5050 (Stereo). Bernard Jenkins and Keith Cross of T2 were formerly in Bulldog Breed – see track 6 Disc 1)
12. Hello Hello – CARAVAN (the B-side of "If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You" – a UK 7" single released August 1970 on Decca F 13063. It's a non-album 7" single mix – the album version is on their 2nd UK LP "If I Could Do It All Again, I'd Do It All Over You" released September 1970 on Decca SKL 5052 (Stereo) – later reissued in 1971 on Deram SDL-R 1)
13. Freelance Fiend – LEAFHOUND (on their lone UK LP "Grower Of Mushrooms" released October 1971 on Decca SKL-R 5094. On the rarest Hard Rock Progressive albums ever – listed at £2500 – sells for more)
14. Nutmeg, Bitter Sweet – GRANNY'S INTENTIONS (an instrumental on their lone UK LP "Honest Injun" released March 1970 on Deram SML 1060 (Stereo))
15. The Witch – THE RATTLES (A-side of a July 1970 UK 7" single on Decca F 23050)
16. Still As Stone – THE ALAN BOWN (June 1969 UK 7" single on Deram DM 259, A-side. The band featured JESS RODEN on Lead Vocals)

Disc 2 – card sleeve pictures The Keef Hartley Band (77:17 minutes):
1. Maybe Someday – HUMAN BEAST (on their lone UK album "Volume One (Instinct)" released August 1970 on Decca LK 5053 (Mono) and SKL 5053 (Stereo) – Stereo mix used)
2. Chauffeur – BLACK CAT BONES (on their UK LP "Barbed Wire Sandwich" released February 1970 on Deram DN 15 (Mono) and SDN 15 (Stereo) – Stereo mix is used. Featured members of Leafhound (Pete French, Derek Brooks, Mick Halls and Keith Young) and Foghat Guitarist Rod Price as well as Brian Short on Vocals. The original line-up of the band featured Paul Kossoff and Simon Kirke of Free but they departed before the album was recorded)
3. Tomorrow Morning – PACIFIC DRIFT (on their lone UK LP "Feelin' Free" released January 1970 on Deram DN 13 (Mono) and SDN 13 (Stereo) – Stereo mix is used)
4. The Unknown Years – ZAKARRIAS (their only UK LP "Zakarrias" released October 1971 on Deram SML 1091 – rare LP – listed at £800)
5. Free To Be Stoned – CLARK-HUTCHINSON (on their album "Retribution" released October 1970 on Deram SML 1076. Features Andy Clark on Keyboards and Lead Vocals and Mick Hutchinson on Guitar)
6. Cemetery Junction Part One and Two – ROOM (on the LP "Pre-Flight" released November 1970 on Deram SML 1073. Listed at £900)
7. Roundabout – KEEF HARTLEY BAND (on the LP "Overdog" released April 1971 on Deram SDL 2)
8. Question [Full Album Version] – THE MOODY BLUES (on the album “A Question Of Balance” released August 1970 on Threshold THS 3)
9. Love Like A Man [Full Album Version] – TEN YEARS AFTER (on their 5th album “Cricklewood Green” released April 1970 on Deram SML 1065)
10. Jig-A-Jig – EAST OF EDEN (May 1970 UK 7" single on Deram DM 297. Charted April 1971 – non-album track – an instrumental. Its B-side "Marcus Junior" is on the "Strange Pleasures" 3CD Box Set from 2008 – itself a non-album version)
11. Golf Girl – CARAVAN (on the UK album "In The Land Of Grey And Pink" released April 1971 on Deram SDL- 1)
12. Boulders On My Grave – MELLOW CANDLE (on their lone LP "Swaddling Songs" released April 1972 on Deram SDL 7. Listed Rarity £2000+)
13. Theme Song/En Route/Theme Song (Reprise) – KEEF HARTLEY BAND (as per 6)

Disc 3 – card sleeve pictures Savoy Brown (77:02 minutes):
1. Hellbound Train – SAVOY BROWN (on the UK album "Hellbound Train" released February 1972 on Decca TXS 107)
2. Stranded (Including Effervescent Psycho Novelty No. 5) – KHAN (on the UK album "Space Shanty" released June 1972 on Deram SDL-R 11. Band features STEVE HILLAGE and DAVE STEWART of GONG)
3. The Rise And Dear Demise Of The Funky Nomadic Tribes – THIN LIZZY (on their 2nd album "Shades Of A Blue Orphanage" released March 1972 on Decca TXS 108. Phil Lynott, Eric Bell, Brian Downey Jr. line-up)
4. Seafull – TRAPEZE (on their 2nd UK LP "Medusa" released November 1970 on Threshold THS 4)
5. C'Lu Thlu – CARAVAN (on the UK album "For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night" released October 1973 on Deram SDL-R 12)
6. Whisky In The Jar – THIN LIZZY (their 2nd UK 7" single released November 1972 on Decca F 13355 and known as the 'full version' at 5:48 minutes. Both the A&B-side "Black Boys On The Corner" were non-album at the time. The A (no 'e' in the whiskey) is based on a Traditional Irish air from 1729)
7. Lady Fantasy: Encounter/Smiles For You/Lady Fantasy – CAMEL (on their 2nd UK LP "Mirage" released March 1974 on Deram SML 1107)
8. Spend My Nights In Armour – PETE BROWN & FRIENDS (recorded 25 February 1974 at Decca Studios – remixed and remastered for this release in 2001 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED. Track features both JEFF BECK and JACK BRUCE. [Note: there is a ‘mix’ on the UK double LP "Before Singing Lessons 1969-1977" released in 1987 on Decal Records KIKD 7 – but it's a different version])
9. Propositions – CURVED AIR (on the album "Curved Air Live" released February 1975 on Deram SML-R 1119)
10. Air Born – CAMEL (on the album "Moonmadness" released April 1976 on Decca TXS 115)
11. The Enjoy – DARYL WAY’S WOLF (on the album "Night Music" released November 1974 on Deram SML 1116)

The 3CDs are housed in individual colour card sleeves within a clamshell box – but what most impresses is the fabulous 48-page mini booklet crammed with publicity photos, trade adverts for LPs and singles (28 schillings and 6 pence! for an LP in early 1970), those great sleeves with their whacky artwork etc. Each artist is dealt with in alphabetical order (rather than how they’re laid out on the CDs) – Mark Powell's essays on Irishmen Granny Intentions (who once boasted Skid Row guitarist Gary Moore) or the obscure Bulldog Breed for instance mix facts with warmth. It’s properly in-depth and imbibes the music with a newfound respect. And the PASCHAL BYRNE remasters are just superb – familiar stuff like Savoy Brown, Thin Lizzy and East Of Eden all sounding spiffing. A lot of this is new to CD too…

Musically it flits all over the place – one minute you're in the presence of Jazz Guitar scales with Giles, Giles & Fripp – properly grungy hard rock like Leafhound (you can so see why its worth all that dosh), slow and slick Blues boogie with Ten Years After on the stunning "I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes" and then trippy Saxophone and Vibe moods with Johnny Almond Music Machine. God help us there’s even a chart hit on Disc 1 with "The Witch" by The Rattles – a German band fronted by screaming vocalist Herbert Hildebrandt. It sold over a million copies across Europe and the UK – reaching number 11 on our charts. Yum yum…

Things begin to get seriously interesting on Disc 2 with a double-whammy of musical brilliance – "Tomorrow Morning Brings" by PACIFIC DRIFT and “The Unknown Years” by ZAKARRIAS both sounding like acoustic Aphrodite’s Child – very good indeed and cool too. The Zakarrias album is impossibly rare (listed at £800). There’s then a serious piece of rocking brilliance – the wild "Free To Be Stoned" by CLARK-HUTCHINSON when guitarist Mick Hutchinson just lets it Ted Nugent rip for eight minutes – it's unbelievably good as Andy Clark stutters and moans through it (check out You Tube footage of this). I love the funky as Tom Selleck’s moustache Thin Lizzy cut "The Rise And Dear Demise Of The Funky Nomadic Tribes" (another Phil Lynott winner). It runs to 7:06 minutes - but I edit it to begin at 1:20 and end at 5:52 thereby isolating that fantastic Eric Bell Funk-Rock portion in its centre. And shockingly good too is Curved Air's "Propositions" off the lesser-heard "Live" set – Fusion Rock at its brilliant best (reminds of the Mahavishnu Orchestra live set from 1973 "Beyond Nothingness And Eternity"). And how good is to hear bands like Trapeze (on the Moody Blues label Threshold) finally get a bit of airtime – their slow groove guitar fest "Seafull" is excellent. And what can you say about the utterly extraordinary Mellow Candle album "Swaddling Songs" – a genius fusion of Irish Folk with Rock and Kate Bush vocals/arrangements. "Boulders On My Grave" sent collectors into frenzies. Esoteric reissued the whole album on a beautiful remaster CD in 2008 (see my separate review).

So there you have – mad, bad and frightfully dangerous to know. Only people as mad as the English and the Irish would produce music this interesting and arresting – still grabbing us by the short and curlies all these decades later.

A fantastic reissue - you feel real care went into the compiling and making of "Legend Of A Mind…" and I for one am glad they took the time to expand my addled mind…

"Hung On You: More Gerry Goffin and Carole King Songbook" by VARIOUS [Gerry Goffin and Carole King] (March 2015 Ace CD Remasters) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"…It Hurts To Live…"

Most people perceive Carole King as beginning her musical life in 1971 with the magisterial and legendary "Tapestry" album (both it and her life before that - are now the subject of the "Beautiful" musical which has just hit the West End of London to rave reviews). But her songwriting skills go back to the early Sixties where she and her husband Gerry Goffin penned a huge run of hits for other people. 

And that's where this rather lovely CD compilation comes in - 4th in a series by Ace Records of the UK covering Goffin & King's wide-ranging net of artists. Here are the American boys and girls handling their teenage ups and downs...

UK released March 2015 - "Hung On You: More Gerry Goffin & Carole King Songbook" by VARIOUS ARTISTS on Ace Records CDCHD 1427 (Barcode 029667070324) is a 25-Track CD compilation in the British label's Singer Songwriter Series that breaks down as follows (67:17 minutes):

1. Hung On You - THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS (1965 USA 7" single on Philles 129, B-side of "Unchained Melody")
2. That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho) - DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (1969 USA 7" single on Atlantic 45-2647, B-side of "Willy & Laura May Jones")
3. Road To Nowhere - THE HEARTS AND FLOWERS (1967 USA 7" single on Capitol 5829, B-side to their debut 45 "Rock And Roll Gypsies")
4. Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way - SKEETER DAVIS (1964 USA 7" single on RCA 47-8450, B-side of "What Am I Gonna Do Without You")
5. You Turn Me On Boy - THE HONEY BEES (1965 USA 7" single on Fontana 1505, A)
6. What A Sweet Thing That Was - THE SHIRELLES (1961 USA 7" single on Scepter 1220, B-side of "A Thing Of The Past")
7. Will Power - THE COOKIES (1963 USA 7" single on Dimension 1012, A and in the UK on Colpix PX 11012, A)
8. This Little Girl - DION (1963 USA 7" single on Columbia 4-42776, A)
9. The Sheik - THE CLOVERS (from the 1960 US LP "Love Potion Number Nine" on United Artists UAS-6099, Stereo)
10. Am I The Guy - TONY ORLANDO (1961 USA 7" single on Epic 9452, B-side of "Bless You")
11. Show Me Girl - THE HONDELLS (1966 USA 7" single on Mercury 72626, B-side of "Cheryl's Goin' Home")
12. Sharing You - BOBBY VEE (1962 USA 7" single on Liberty 55451, A)
13. When My Little Girl Is Smiling - THE DRIFTERS (1962, Atlantic 2134, A)
14. Randy - EARL-JEAN (1964 USA 7" single on Colpix 748, A)
15. Anything Can Happen  - WALTER JACKSON (1962 recording first issued in 2006 on the CD compilation "It's All Over: The Okeh Recordings Vol.1" on Kent-Soul CDKEND 263)
16. It's Gonna Be All Right - THEOLA KILGORE (1966 USA 7" single on Mercury 72564, B-side of "I Can't Stand It")
17. Where Does Love Go - FREDDIE SCOTT (1964 USA 7" single on Colpix 724, A)
18. Please Hurt Me - LITTLE EVA (1963 USA 7" single on Dimension D 1019, A)
19. So Many Lonely People - HENRY ALSTON (1964 USA 7" single on Colpix CP 731, A)
20. Don't You Want To Love Me - CONNIE STEVENS (1966 USA 7" single on Warner Brothers 5691, A)
21. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby - THE ORLONS (from the 1963 US LP "All The Hits By The Orlons" on Cameo C 1033, Mono)
22. No One Ever Tells You - THE CRYSTALS (1962 USA 7" single on Philles 105, B-side of "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)")
23. The Boy From Chelsea - TRULY SMITH (1967 UK 7" single on Decca F 12700, A)
24. Snow Queen - THE TOKENS (from the 1970 LP "Greatest Moments" on BT Puppy BTPS 1012)
25. Something In The Morning - THE AMERICAN BREED (from the 1968 LP "Bend Me, Shape Me" on ACTA Records 8003, Mono)
Tracks: 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14 to 16, 18 and 19, 20 to 24 and 26 are MONO
Tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 9, 12, 13, 17 and 25 are STEREO

There's the usual fact-filled 16-page booklet from Ace with great liner notes from MICK PATRICK - the text peppered with label photos of those rare 45s on Colpix, Dimension, Philles and Scepter (to name but a few). There's a repro of sheet music for Vee's "Sharing You", superb black and white publicity shots for Skeeter Davis, Tony Orlando and The Cookies and the rare US picture sleeve for "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers (its B-side "Hung On You" opens the compilation). It's a typically lovely job done. The audio is remastered by an engineer of long-standing - NICK ROBBINS - and despite the differing sources - the audio is uniformly excellent throughout (even on those dense Philles recordings). In some cases the audio is exceptional.

"Hung On You" heavily features the Sixties Girl-Group Sound - Pop tunes full of catchy melodrama and High School joy/misery. Period charm oozes out of these grooves - even if at times it's dolloped on with way too many spoons of sugar. It opens strongly with a nice one-two of The Righteous Brothers and Dusty. But a piece of genuinely forgotten Pop genius crops up with The Hearts And Flowers flipside on Track 3 - "Road To Nowhere". The Hearts And Flowers were a West Coast Folky-Rock ensemble similar to the cheery sounds of The Association and they produced a winner with this concoction. The song was later picked up Judy Henske and Britain's Trash - it's a total nugget on here (and in fabulous audio quality). You're then hit by a four flusher for Girl Power - Skeeter Davis on "Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way" (produced by Chet Atkins), the infectious "You Turn Me On" by The Honey Bees (sounding so Phil Spector) - but the best of all is the catchy "Will Power" by The Cookies featuring the lovely vocals of Dorothy Jones, Earl-Jean McCrea and Margaret Ross (Earl-Jean gets a solo outing "Randy" on track 14).

Breezy Pop comes in the form of Tony Orlando's "Am I The Girl" followed quickly by the Herman's Hermits sound of The Hondells doing "Show Me Girl" and the cheesy bubblegum pop of Bobby Vee.

Wobbles - "The Sheik" feels like The Clovers reaching for a novelty hit and not quite making it - while the Stereo mix of "When My Little Girl Is Smiling" actually sounds strange after all these years of hearing the Mono version (all those plucked strings). Walter Jackson sounds uncomfortable with the obvious Pop slant of "Anything Can Happen" - but despite that he still puts in a fabulous vocal performance that lifts the song. And I'm not sure the PC brigade who watch over us all (nice of them) would approve of the emotional flagellation advocated in Little Eva's sappy "Please Hurt Me". Countering that is the surprisingly lovely "Where Does Love Go" where Freddie Scott puts in a Soulful belter of a performance (the Cash Box trade advert for Colpix CP 724 is reproduced on Page 10). The mournful "No One Ever Tells You" by The Crystals is a young-girls advice song (lyrics from it title this review). Even more disarming is the gorgeous longing in "The Boy From Chelsea" by Truly Smith (Josephine Taylor) - an overlooked British Pop nugget musically directed by Island Records' Chris Blackwell. It was penned a few years prior and slated to be used by Davey Jones of The Monkees - and you can see why its wistfulness and melodrama appealed to Northern Soul fans (quite apart from the fact that it sold zip on release).

As ever - Ace Records pull off a neat stunt - another CD winner (their 4th) for one of the most successful songwriting duos in History - Gerry Goffin and Carole King. And would we have it any other way...

PS: the other three Ace compilations covering the Goffin & King output are:
1. Goffin & King: A Gerry Goffin & Carole King Song Collection 1961-1967
(October 2007, Ace Records CDCHD 1170)
2. Honey & Wine: Another Gerry Goffin & Carole King Song Collection
(March 2009, Ace Records CDCHD 1216)
3. Something Good From The Goffin & King Songbook
(March 2012, Ace Records CDCHD 1327)

"Deutsche Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik 1972-83 (Volume 1)" by VARIOUS - Featuring Can, LA Dusseldorf, Faust, Amon Duul II, Popol Vuh, Ash Ra Temple, Tangerine Dream, Neu! And more (April 2010 Soul Jazz 2CD Set – Duncan Cowell and Pete Reilly Remasters) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"…I Want More…”

Working in a second-hand record shop in the West End of London, one of the questions we were most frequently asked is to be pointed in the right direction of a decent KRAUTROCK vinyl or CD compilation - with perhaps a little bit of Electronic, Experimental, Avant Garde and Trippy Soundtrack stuff thrown in for good measure. Well - look no further ye music adventurers - because this little 2CD sensation (also on 2LP sets - Volume 1 and 2) from Soul Jazz Records of London is the answer...

Details first - originally credited as "Elektronische Music" on 2CD card promos that circulated in March 2010 - it was scheduled for Monday, 5 April 2010 release but then delayed to 12 April and the word "Deutsche" added on at the beginning. For this review I’ve included track timings, the original vinyl LP each song is taken from and the year of release.

UK released April 2010 - "Deutsche Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik 1972-83" by VARIOUS ARTISTS is a 2CD set on Soul Jazz Records SJR CD213 (Barcode 5026328302133) and plays out as follows:

Disc 1 (77:31 minutes):
1. A Spectacle by CAN [5:39 minutes] (from "Can", 1978)
2. Devotion by BETWEEN [3:46 minutes] (from "And The Waters Opened", 1973)
3. Dino by HARMONIA [features Michael Rother of Neu! and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster] [3:29 minutes] (from "Musik Von Harmonia", 1974)
4. This Morning by GILA [5:45 minutes] (from "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee", 1973)
5. Rambo Zambo by KOLLECTIV [11:39 minutes] (from "Kollectiv", 1973)
6. La Chasse Aux Microbes by MICHAEL BUNDT [8:30 minutes] (from "Just Landed Cosmic Kid", 1977)
7. Filmmuzik by E.M.A.K. [Elektronische Musik Aus Koeln] [3:15 minutes] (from "E.M.A.K.", 1982)
8. Morgengruss by POPOL VUH [2:57 minutes] (from "Einsjager Und Siebenjager", 1974)
9. Auf Dem Schwarzen Canal by CONRAD SCHNITZLER [3:12 minutes] (on a German-only RCA Records 12" single of the same name, 1980)
10. Rheinita by LA DUSSELDORF [7:37 minutes – Full Version] (from "Viva", 1978)
11. Veterano by HARMONIA [3:55 minutes] (as per 3)
12. It’s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl by FAUST [7:26 minutes – Full Version] (from "So Far", 1972)
13. Hellogallo by NEU! [10:03 minutes] (from their debut "Neu!", 1972)

Disc 2 (59:56 minutes):
1. Heisse Lippen by CLUSTER [2:21 minutes] (from "Zuckerzeit", 1974)
2. High Life by IBLISS [13:01 minutes – Full LP Version] (from "Supernova", 1972)
3. Hasenheide by DIETER MOEBIUS [of Cluster] [2:36 minutes] (from "Tonspuren", 1983)
4. Fly United by AMON DUUL II [3:29 minutes] (from "Vive La Trance", 1973)
5. Aguirre 1 by POPOL VUH [6:13 minutes] (from "Aguirre", 1975)
6. Daydream by ASH RA TEMPLE starring ROSI [5:22 minutes] (from "Ash Ra Temple starring Rosi", 1973)
7. No Man’s Land by TANGERINE DREAM [9:05 minutes] (from "Hyperborea", 1983)
8. Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse by AMON DUUL II [5:43 minutes] (from "Wolf City", 1972)
9. Geradewohl by [Hans-Joachim] ROEDELIUS [of Cluster] [3:31 minutes] (from "Selbstportrait Vol.III – "Reise Durch Arcadien"")
10. I Want More by CAN [3:30 minutes] (from a UK 7" single on Virgin VS 153, July 1976)
11. Soham by [Georg] DEUTER [4:55 minutes – edit version] (from "Aum", 1972)

The outer card wrap houses an inner 2CD plastic holder which looks like a mini-DVD case and sitting alongside that is an over-sized 38-page booklet jam-packed with knowledgeable details on the artists and the scene by STUART BAKER and ADRIAN SELF. All the great labels of Krautrock are represented here – Germany’s Brain, Metronome, Sky, Ohr, Kuckuck, EMI Electrola etc – and of course Britain’s Virgin and United Artists. DUNCAN COWELL and PETE REILLY mastered the set at Sound Mastering in London and despite the varying dates and tape sources; the audio quality is uniformly excellent.

The track choices are diverse and clever too – much of it very rare and hugely expensive on original vinyl – and while the usual suspects like CAN, POPOP VUL, TANGERINE DREAM and AMON DUUL II are to be expected, it’s nice to see the piano and synth groove of Conrad Schnitzer’s ultra-rare 12” single featured and the slightly cheesy but utterly hypnotic Kollectiv track in its entirety (SJ have gone for the more desirable full album versions in most cases). And Popol Vuh’s short instrumental “Morgengruss” is shockingly beautiful.

Downsides – there’s none of those gorgeous and weird LP sleeves pictured which is a shame – and the outer artwork of the compilation itself is genuinely garish (does itself no favours) and doesn’t really give you any indication of the rare goodies contained within. Also - as you can see from the playing time above, the 2nd disc is a good 20-minutes short and both CDs are lessened by the huge absence of Kraut-monsters Kraftwerk - but I suspect that this has had more to do with licensing difficulties than Soul Jazz not wanting to cram both discs to the rafters.

For vinyl junkies the other good news is that CD 1 and 2 have been issued as 2LP sets on Soul Jazz SJR LP213 Vol.1 and SJR LP213 Vol.2 respectively with no tracks omitted. Each is a tasty gatefold sleeve and the full CD booklet is spread across the inner gatefold of one and continued onto the other. Also, because each is a double album, the tracks get the space they need to breath (I’ve acquired both because they’re future collectables for sure).

So there you have it - very rare and hugely desirable music made available to a panting public via a great British reissue label. I can’t stop playing it – and our discerning punters are absolutely loving it (I’ve not seen a reaction like this by the public in years). For me, "Deutsche Elektronische Musik – Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik 1972-83" is already one of THE reissues of 2010. And Volume 2 has followed to equal plaudits…

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