Sunday, 29 March 2009

“Thick As Thieves” aka “The Code”. A Review of the 2008 Film on 2009 Blu Ray.

"Some People Were Born To Write Songs...I Was Born To Steal..."

This is a strange one. The cast is admirable enough; the story is very clever in parts and the director an experienced professional who has delivered very good movies before - yet somehow, "Thick As Thieves" just doesn't fly.

The idea on paper of Banderas and Freeman working together is probably what got this made - the reality of it is that there's very little chemistry between them - they come across as misfits instead of matches.

It does work between Banderas and the lovely/sexy Radha Mitchell and its also fab to see Robert Forster in any movie. But when you think of the sheer electricity that Freeman and Jack Nicholson generated in "The Bucket List", you realise that there's something's seriously amiss here. It's also known as "The Code" in the States - and you know you're in trouble when they can't even settle on a name...

The Blu Ray picture is exceptional in places (when Freeman and Banderas plan the heist in the bar - close up on their faces), but only OK in other places (the NYPD reception in the jewellers). There's a "Making Of" that consists of the crew shooting segments (mostly outdoors) where Freeman looks bored all the time and Banderas gets eyed up by everyone - there's also a few cast interviews that are OK, but hardly great.

Three stars. A rental I'm afraid.

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