Friday, 24 April 2009

“French Connection 2”. A Review of the 1975 film sequel now reissued on 2008 Blu Ray.

"...This Is Not New York, Messieur Doyle..."

After the thoroughly depressing print on the Blu Ray reissue of "French Connection 1" (see separate review) - it's a pleasure to say that FC2 is an entirely different kettle of fish.

From the moment Gene Hackman steps out of the taxi by the closed gates of the beleaguered French cop shop in Marseilles - you notice the clarity - his dapper white shirt - the fish stalls - the painted railings.... Then he pops on his trademark Popeye Doyle porkpie hat - and again - the colour is gorgeous - and it stays that way even in the dark night scenes - fully restored from start to finish.

There's little or no scratches or blocking or ropey bits - and as everyone also knows, this is one of those sequels that equals if not tops the original. A fantastic stand alone film - although you do miss the presence of Roy Schreider as a sidekick. And that addiction scene is as harrowing now as it was back then...

The extras are the same as the DVD I bought a few years ago, but the colour on this 1080 print is just so sweet to look at - fans will have to own it.

Recommended - especially after the depressing experience of seeing the masterful first instalment more Blur Ray than Blu Ray.

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