Tuesday, 15 September 2009

"Gladiator" on BLU RAY. One For The Arena Or The Skip??

“…Are You Not Entertained?”

I have to admit to being befuddled by current reviews (Sept 2009) saying that the picture quality on this BLU RAY reissue of "Gladiator" is rubbish - that's just not true.

I would admit that the opening credits are not exactly crystal, but there are absolutely loads of scenes after that where everything is gorgeous - revelatory even. There's the battle uniform of Richard Harris astride his horse, the sheets of paper he's writing on in his candlelit tent, a deeper scar on the lip of Joaquin Phoenix, the more pronounced pock marks on the tip of Oliver Reed's nose, more sweat on Russell Crowe's brow, even the facial close-ups of Connie Nielsen towards the end now reveal just a little too much make-up on the cheeks etc ... The picture is beautiful at least 95% of the time?

There are both versions of the film too (Extended & Theatrical) and the extras disc has the full compliment.

I loved it - and watching "Gladiator" for the 10th time, I'm still blown away at how good the film is - a genuine modern-day classic filled with heart, story and balls. And Ridley Scott's mind-blowing attention to detail and fearless production values are now more evident than ever on this superb BLU RAY reissue.

I'm going on what I saw this afternoon - it rocked.

What I saw today on a Sony 42" LCD screen using a reasonable Sony Blu Ray player looked and sounded fabulous.

You should of course see it for yourself if you can - and then judge.

PS: it's available as a 2-Disc CARD-WRAP version or a STEEL TIN version - both are pictured above

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