Friday, 8 January 2010

“Snatch” on BLU RAY. A Review of the 2000 film now on a 2009 BLU RAY.

BULLET-TOOTH TONY: "…Open Him Up! He Ain’t A Tin Of Baked Beans You Know!”

AVI: "England?
Yeah! You Know! England! The Queen, Fish & Chips, Mary Fu**ing Poppins..."

BRICK-TOP: "In the words of the Virgin Mary, come again..."


Watching "Snatch" again - but this time on BLU RAY - I'm left reeling - I really am. It's clever, it's ballsy and frankly Frank - it's just so bleeding entertaining!

But most of all - it's riotously funny. I mean if you're not laughing out loud, you're giggling like a fool most of the time. It's warm, confident - it's like an updated Ealing Comedy - so good and so irresistibly English. "Snatch" reminds me of the 1969 original of "The Italian Job" - another gem that works its way into your heart and stays there. This is seriously impressive stuff - and especially as it was only Guy Ritchie's second movie.

But the really great news is the PRINT; it's restored - and for about 95% of the time it looks immaculate in every frame. Very occasionally there's some blurring, maybe a few lines, but that's just the rough and tumble way it was filmed. And it’s very, very few...

The extras are there too, which is great - and it's very reasonably priced. But mostly it's just such a blast to see again - and looking this good - the transfer is a real pleasure to behold.

You also forget about the sheer size and quality of the cast - Benicio Del Toro as the mumbling gambler Frankie Four-Fingers - Alan Ford as the fantastically crass and violent Brick Top - Rade Shelbedgia as the unkillable Russian Boris The Blade - Vinnie Jones as the man hunter Bullet-Tooth Tony - Dennis Farina as the Jewish American Diamond broker, Mike Reid as his English equivalent - Stephen Graham as the hapless sidekick Tommy who thinks too much about dairy products and what they do to the digestive system - and of course, the movie's trump cards - the pairing of Jason Stratham as Turkish and Brad Pitt as Mickey the bare-knuckle Irish boxing champion. Great stuff. Throw in hip music, choppy editing, apt locations and a dictionary of slang to work out what everyone is saying - and it's as chipper as a bulldog who's just swallowed a squeaky toy...

Having recently seen "Sherlock Holmes" at the cinema (and been seriously impressed too), I can feel the need for a Guy Ritchie spending purge coming on...

"Snatch" on BLU RAY is brilliant fun - a winner to look at - and reasonably priced too.

Way to go guys. Recommended - big time.

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