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"Loud 'N' Proud” by NAZARETH (Their 4th Album From 1973 Reissued By Salvo Records of the UK on a 2010 Remastered & Expanded CD) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"…You've Got The Lovin' I Like…"

Like most people I was introduced to Scotland's finest rock band by way of their kick-ass 7" single "Bad Bad Boy" when it first hit the UK airwaves in July 1973 (it capitalised on their 3rd album released in March of that year - the blisteringly good "Razamanaz"). 

"Loud 'N' Proud" was their follow up LP and like its predecessor, it had plenty of Seventies rock swagger to recommend it. Here are the big hairy details…

UK released February 2010 - "Loud 'N' Proud" by NAZARETH on Salvo Records SALVOCD 033 (Barcode 698458813329) is a 'Remastered & Expanded' CD with Four Bonus Tracks that plays out as follows (51:09 minutes):

1. Go Down Fighting
2. Not Faking It
3. Turn On Your Receiver
4. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
5. Freewheeler [Side 2]
6. This Flight Tonight
7. Child In The Sun
8. The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Tracks 1 to 8 are the album "Loud 'N' Proud" released November 1973 in the UK on Mooncrest Records CREST 4 and March 1974 on A&M Records SP-3609 in the USA. As with "Razamanaz", it featured the same band line-up (Dan McCafferty on Lead Vocals, Manny Charlton on Guitars & Vocals, Pete Agnew on Bass & Vocals and Darrell Sweet on Drums & Vocals) with ROGER GLOVER of DEEP PURPLE fame producing the album to great effect.

9. Turn On Your Receiver
10. Too Bad Too Sad
11. Razamanaz
12. Bad Bad Boy
Tracks 9 to 12 are BBC SESSIONS recorded live-in-the-studio for The BOB HARRIS Show on the UK's Radio 1 - first broadcast 13 August 1973.

Each of these Salvo issues comes in a Tri-Gatefold card sleeve with the 'Loud, Proud & Remastered' logo on the front cover. When folded out, you get a repro of the original UK LP artwork and live shots from the period (the disc is in the right flap, the booklet in the left). The 16-page colour booklet is superb, liner notes by band expert JOEL McIVER, pictures of rare European picture sleeves, a USA A&M white-label promo of "This Flight Tonight", centred by a black and white snap of the band looking suitably liquored up on the steps of a snazzy jet - all of it very nicely done.

But the really big news for the fans (as it is on the other Salvo CDs) is the fantastic new SOUND. TIM TURAN at Turan Audio has remastered the original tapes and a truly fabulous job has been done - loud, clear, and ballsy - without ever being overbearing.

As a follow-up album, "Loud 'N' Proud" had a lot to live up to - and the general consensus is that it only 'kind-of' delivered. It was a rushed effort. Three of its songs were cover versions - "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" by Little Feat, "This Flight Tonight" by Joni Mitchell (lyrics above and a hit single) and "The Ballad Of Hollis Brown" by Bob Dylan. That left only 5 originals dashed off in only 1 week in the studio. Yet "Turn On Your Receiver" and the funky guitar workout of "Freewheeler" were cracking great rock tracks and still are. The speedy "Not Faking It" is typically catchy rocking Nazareth fare, while the slow "Child In The Sun" stretched the band out across is its bluesy length. Overall - it was good album rather than a great one.

The BBC stuff is fantastic though - rough and rocking, but still so tight - the band were clearly on fire and had truly found their boogie stride. They make for genuinely superb extra tracks. A great reissue then of a really good Seventies rock album. And it's cheap too… 

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