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“Breakfast In America” by SUPERTRAMP. A Review Of The 2010 Single CD Remaster (Also Released As A 2CD Deluxe Edition).

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"...I Really Have Enjoyed My Stay..."

When the 2CD Deluxe Edition of Supertramp’s mega-hit album "Breakfast In America" appeared in early October 2010 with a sticker on its front packaging declaring that it contained a superb new remaster by GREG CALBI within – I must admit I was tempted. 

But I thought to myself - I don’t really want (nor need) a bunch of superfluous live tracks on Disc 2 – and pay for the privilege of it too. So I left it be…

But I recently noticed the cheaper 'single' CD version (released at the same time) of "Breakfast In America" by SUPERTRAMP on A&M/Universal 0600753304372 (Barcode 600753304372) retailing in some places for as little as a fiver (a few more bucks in the USA). And it’s a bit of a bargain frankly. 

The 8-page booklet is the same as the previous basic issue (lyrics, a few photos) - but the 'sound' is a brilliantly realised August 2010 remaster that really makes you sit up and take notice (46:21 minutes).

1. Gone Hollywood
2. The Logical Song
3. Goodbye Stranger
4. Breakfast In America
5. Oh Darling
6. Take The Long Way Home [Side 2]
7. Lord Is It Mine
8. Just Another Nervous Wreck
9. Casual Conversations
10. Child Of Vision

GREG CALBI is important to Supertramp’s highly polished audiophile sound because he mastered the original 1979 A&M Records LP (as well as their “Crime Of The Century” gem from 1974) – and therefore has an intimate knowledge of the tapes. And with a staggering 2,300 mastering and remastering credits to his name across four decades – he knows his way around a console and a tape box or two.

The sound quality is just fantastic - standout tracks like “Goodbye Stranger” (lyrics above), the lesser heard “Oh Darling” and the stunning album finisher “Child Of Vision” with its extended keyboard workouts now sound huge – but without being overblown or over trebled. They’re warmer and clearer – and the layers of the original meticulous production unravel on almost every track. I can even forgive the truly dreadful “Logical Song” and its cringing lyrics. “Gone Hollywood” and “Just Another Nervous Wreck” are good too – top-notch audio.

If you’ve been on the fence about this album - then this dirt-cheap brilliant sounding remaster is where to dive in…

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