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"The Duck" by JACKIE LEE (2010 Ace/Kent Soul 'Hip Pocket' CD Remaster in 6" Card Repro Artwork) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"...There’s A Dance Going Around From Coast To Coast…They’re Calling It The Most…"

Back in August 2008 I did a Listmania on Amazon called "Ace Records Hip Pocket Series..." – it pictured 22 of 25 releases - 6" card repros in the British label’s eclectic and varied reissue series (covers many genres – see full list below).

This December 2010 CD of "The Duck" by JACKIE LEE on Ace/Kent Soul CDHP 032 (Barcode 0029667044226) is also on that ‘Hip Pocket’ list and features a CD transfer/remaster into a 6” Card Repro Sleeve. It plays out as follows (30:05 minutes):

1. The Duck
2. Hully Gully
3. The Shotgun And The Duck
4. Do The Temptation Walk
5. The Neighborhood
6. Land Of 1000 Dances
7. The Duck (Part 2) [Side 2]
8. Dancing In The Street
9. The Bounce
10. Do You Love Me
11. Everybody Jerk
12. Harlem Shuffle
Tracks 1 to 12 are a straightforward reissue of Jackie Lee's ultra-rare soul album called "The Duck" on Mirwood Records MW-7000. It was released in early 1966 in the USA and this 2010 CD features the original MONO tapes digitally remastered by NICK ROBBINS at Ace’s Sound Mastering studios in London. Being mid Sixties Soul and on a minor label - this is not exactly audiophile territory – but don’t let that put you off. These are the real tapes used here and the sound is just great – big, clear and full of vim and vigor.

Musically it’s wonderfully evocative stuff. The vibe is very uptempo mid-Sixties Motown – Jackie Lee’s lead vocal supporting by girly vocals, pinging vibes, brass and an incessant bass and drums backbeat – all of it done with an almost Wall-Of-Sound production. None of the tunes push past two minutes thirty seconds – they come in – do the business – and exit again. It’s proper Northern Soul territory and easy to see why Soul fans adore him on the dancefloors of the UK and Europe.

The title track on 7” was a huge hit the USA charts in December 1965 and the album charted too in February of the following year - 1966. The same irresistible beat infests "Hully Gully" (lyrics above) and as you can see from the track list, there are plenty of Atlantic and Motown covers tapping into the same territory.

The 5" card sleeve is dinky looking. The rear sleeve contains the original liner notes (not exactly readable I’m afraid) and the inner card sleeve reproduces the original Mirwood Records label on both sides (a nice touch). 

Apart from Ace's superb 2009 28-track CD "The Mirwood Records Masters", there’s been precious little of Jackie Lee in the marketplace. So if you already own that great CD, then you won’t need this. But if you don’t, then this is a very cool place to start appreciating the man’s mojo - and start practising those talcum-powder floor-filling moves…

Recommended like your baby doing the 'Temptation Walk' in hot pants...

Titles in Ace Records Mid-Price 'Hip Pocket' CD Series are:

1. DONALD AUSTIN – Crazy Legs (Ace/Westbound CDHP 016, Dec 2006)
2. THE BISHOPS – Cross Cuts (Ace/Chiswick CDWIKM 256, June 2005)
3. HADDA BROOKS – Femme Fatale (Ace CDCHM 1129, Nov 2006)
4. THE CHAMPS – Go, Champs, Go! (Ace CDCHM 1126, Sep 2006)
5. THE DAMNED – Machine Gun Etiquette (Ace/Chiswick CDHP 027, July 2007)
6. THE ESCALATORS [ex Meteors] – Moving Staircases (Ace CDHP 017, Dec 2006)
7. THE EVERLY BROTHERS – The Everly Brothers (Ace CDCHM 1127, Sep 2006)
8. FUNKADELIC – Maggot Brain (Ace/Westbound CDHP 030, Aug 2007)
9. CHUCK HIGGINS – Pachucko Hop (Ace CDHP 024, April 2007)
10. B. B. KING – The Jungle (Ace/Kent CDHP 031, Nov 2007)
11. JOHNNY MOPED – Cycledelic (Ace/Chiswick CDHP 029, Oct 2007)
12. JACKIE LEE – The Duck (Ace/Kent CDHP 032, Dec 2010)
13. LONNIE MACK – The Wham Of That Memphis Man! (Ace CDCHM 1134, Nov 2006)
14. MOTORHEAD – Motorhead [1977 Debut LP] (Ace/Chiswick CDHP 021, Oct 2007)
15. THE OLYMPICS – Something Old, Something New (Ace/Kent CDHP 018, Dec 2006)
16. THE RADIO STARS – Songs For Swinging Lovers (Ace/Chiswick CDWIKM 5, June 2006)
17. THE SONICS – Here Are The Sonics! (Ace/Big Beat CDHP 022, Feb 2007)
18. THE SONICS – The Sonics Boom (Ace/Big Beat CDHP 023, April 2007)
19. ROOSEVELT SYKES [aka 'The Honeydripper'] – Sings The Blues (Ace CDCHM 1132, Nov 2006)
20. VARIOUS – For Dancers Only [Kent's 1st Reissue LP compilation] (Ace/Kent CDHP 019, Feb 2007)
21. VARIOUS – For Dancers Also [Kent's 2nd Reissue LP compilation] (Ace/Kent CDHP 020, April 2007)
22. VARIOUS – Hollywood Rock 'n' Roll [80ts Rockabilly compilation] (Ace CDHP 026, July 2007)
23. VARIOUS – Fool's Gold [70ts Punk compilation] (Ace/Chiswick CDHP 028, August 2007)
24. LINK WRAY – Early Recordings (Ace/Chiswick CDCHM 6, June 2006
25. THE ZOMBIES – Odyssey And Oracle (Ace/Big Beat CDHP 025, June 2007)

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