Monday, 30 April 2012

Ghost Protocol On BLU RAY. Mission Impossible 4 Reviewed.

“…This Review Will Abseil Up Its Own Arse In Five Seconds…Sizzle…Sizzle…”

Bought this today - just finished watching it - and already have a bad feeling that I should have saved my money and waited for the rental.

"MI:4" has all the usual hair-brained stunts - a convoluted plotline about some Russian loony Hell bent on setting off nuclear Armageddon (aren't they always) - leggy molls with silencer guns, cleavage and perfect teeth (in that order) - very fast and very garish cars - even faster sandstorms - a blown-up wing of the Kremlin - a flash Hotel in Mumbai - Sawyer from "Lost" having an all-too-brief lifespan in Budapest (really should have used more of Josh Holloway) - the Cruiser crawling around the outside of the tallest building in the world (in Delhi) with magnetic gloves that only half work - etc etc...

Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton do their stony-faced best as new members of the IMF team - but neither ever gets properly comfortable in all that wall-abseiling, gadget operating, sub-Bond silliness. But Simon Pegg is a revelation. His deadpan and very, very funny contribution to "Ghost Protocol" is just what's needed a lot of the time (man did they get lucky casting him) - and some would say he practically ‘makes’ the movie.

But I have to say that I found "MI:4" strangely lacklustre. Admittedly the false-screen visual in the vaults of the Kremlin is so clever - and the Hotel stunt is stupendous - but you've already seen the guts of it in trailers that typically give away too much. Cruise as Ethan Hunt still looks good if not a little too old to be doing this juvenile dreck - and that stench of making money for Scientology by doing ever more ludicrous stunts - hangs over everything. Perhaps we've just seen this sort of 'popcorn fun' one too many times - in fact to a point where it isn't 'fun' anymore.

Amazingly too (for a brand new release in 2012) - I found the BLU RAY picture quality to be decidedly weak in definition - and at times felt like an ok-only DVD. It's also defaulted to 2.35:1 aspect so you've got bars top and bottom of the screen - which I can't stand. You can of course extend it - but that compromises the quality and subtitles.

"Ghost Protocol" is fun in places - it is - but it feels formulaic to the extreme and like they're all doing a job rather than having fun in the job. Perhaps enough is enough for the ‘disavow all knowledge’ team - because on the strength of “Ghost Protocol” - there's very definitely a whiff of diminishing returns in the "Mission Impossible" franchise.

Resist that theme song folks - I'd advise a rental on this one rather than a purchase...

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