Thursday, 12 July 2012

“Graceland 25th Anniversary CD/DVD Edition” by PAUL SIMON. A Review Of The 2012 Reissue.

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"...Shining Like A National Guitar..."

I'd like to add my penny's worth to the chorus of approval this superb reissue is receiving. But would also like to point out that the fantastic sounding CD is no fluke - it's a GREG CALBI remaster from 2011 (an upgrade on his 2004 version).

Calbi has a staggering 2,300 mastering, remastering, audio restoration credits to his name across decades - so he knows his way around a tape or two. He was responsible for the audiophile quality of Supertramp's revered 1970's output (recently reviewed "Breakfast In America") and received unanimous praise for his work on the Bob Dylan SACD digipak reissues of 2004 and Paul McCartney's "Band On The Run" 25th Anniversary issue from 1999 (for my money better than the Deluxe reissue). Jim White, Whiskytown, Tom Petty, Chris Whitley, Patti Smith, Colin Linden, The Allman Brothers, Willie Nile, John Mayer, Cassandra Wilson, Lizz Wright - no matter who the artist is - he has the deftest of touches when it comes to getting the best out of the tapes.

Add in the stunning "Under African Skies" DVD (perfectly complimenting the audio CD), the lovely 3-way card packaging (slightly oversized) and the reasonable price (£10 on some sites for a 2-disc set) - and you're on a winner.

A beautifully handled reissue of a classic and groundbreaking album (I saw the tour at The Royal Albert Hall in London - a cherished memory).

"...Shining Like A National Guitar..." Indeed it is.

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