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"I Feel Like Dynamite: The Early Chimneyville Singles And More 1970-1974" by KING FLOYD (2013 Ace/Kent Soul CD Remasters) - A Review by Mark Barry...

"...Let's Get Down With The Groove…" 

Forever seen as a one-hit wonder ("Groove Me") - this typically superb Ace CD reissue will go a long way to changing minds on that count. It also offers fans of the mighty Atlantic label and its more obscure offshoots (like Chimneyville Records) a lot of good Seventies Soul to savour - most of it new to CD.

UK released September 2013 - "I Feel Like Dynamite: The Early Chimneyville Singles And More 1970-1974" by KING FLOYD on Ace/Kent Soul CDKEND 404 (Barcode 029667240420) is a 24-track CD compilation of Remasters and breaks down as follows (77:18 minutes):

1. What Our Love Needs
2. Groove Me (Tracks 1 & 2 are the A&B-sides of Chimneyville CH-435, September 1970)
3. Baby Let Me Kiss You
4. Please Don't Leave Me Lonely (Tracks 3 & 4 are the A&B-sides of CH-437, March 1971)
5. Got To Have Your Lovin'
6. Let Us Be (Tracks 5 & 6 are the A&B-sides of Chimneyville CH-439, July 1971)
7. Let Me See You Do That Thing
8. It's Wonderful (Tracks 7 & 8 are the A&B-sides of Chimneyville CH-442, November 1971)
9. Everybody Needs Somebody
10. Woman Don't Go Astray (Tracks 9 & 10 are the A&B-sides of Chimneyville CH-443, July 1972)
11. What Our Love Needs
12. Here It Is (Tracks 11 & 12 are the A&B-sides of Chimneyville CH-446, February 1973)
13. Messing Up My Mind
14. So Glad I Found You
15. A Day In The Life Of A Fool
16. My Girl
17. Do Your Feeling
18. It's Not What You Say
19. Thank You
20. Hard To Handle
21. You’ve Got Me (Tracks 13 to 21 inclusive are from 2 LPs - see list below)
22. So Much Confusion (Track 22 is the A-side of Chimneyville CH-1779, November 1973)
23. I Feel Like Dynamite
24. Handle With Care (Tracks 23 & 24 are the A&B-sides of Chimneyville CH-10202, July 1974)

You can also sequence two whole 70t’s albums from this CD compilation using the following track numbers [6 = track 6 etc]:
"King Floyd" - 1971 LP on Atco/Chimneyville SD 9047 (USA) and 2466014 (UK)
Side 1:
1. Groove Me [Track 2]
2. Let Us Be [6]
3. Woman Don’t Go Astray [10]
4. Baby Let Me Kiss You [3]
5. Messing Up My Mind [13]

Side 2:
1. It's Wonderful [8]
2. So Glad I Found You [14]
3. Don’t Leave Me Lonely [4]
4. Day In The Life Of A Fool [15]
5. What Our Love Needs [1]

"Think About Me" - 1973 LP on Atco/Chimneyville SD 7023 (USA) and K 40490 (UK)
Side 1:
1. My Girl [16]
2. Here It Is [12]
3. Do Your Feeling [17]
4. It’’s Not What You Say [18]
5. Woman Don’t Go Astray [10]

Side 2:
1. Think About It [11]
2. Thank You [19]
3. Hard To Handle [21]
4. You’ve Got Me [20]
5. Everybody Needs Somebody [9]

The 12-page booklet features fantastically detailed liner notes by noted Soul expert TONY ROUNCE - every page picturing those elusive American Chimneyville labels (courtesy of Giles Petard). The excellent sounding remaster has been done by DUNCAN COWELL at Sound Mastering in London whose handled literally hundreds of this reissues.

Most people know King Floyd through "Groove Me" which was originally a B-side played at a party when the crowd went nuts (it charted as an A in October 1970 in the USA and rose into the Top 5 by year’s end) - and I’m afraid you could accuse too many tracks here of trying to emulate that hugely popular and successful groove. But I found on second listen that belters like "I Feel Like Dynamite" (lyrics above) where he does his best James Brown mid Seventies Funk impression - backed with the lovely "Handle With Care" - is a bit of wee gem frankly. It’s also cool to see so many of these rare single sides make their CD debut after nearly 4 decades in the wilderness. But although “You’ve Got Me” is a lovely ballad - his voice lets the side down a tad and I’m not so sure about his 6 and half minute Isaac Hayes style re-working of “My Girl”. Floyd’s cover of “Hard To Handle” (Otis Redding) is far better - cracking stuff - as is The Staple Singers funky feel to “Thank You”.

To sum up - another quality release from Ace and their Kent/Soul imprint - who remain heroes to all of us Soul reissue junkies. There’s a lot on here worth checking out...

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