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"Hot Property" by HEATWAVE (2010 Big Break Records (BBR) 'Expanded Edition' CD Remaster with Bonus Tracks) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"…You're Right In It…"

With all songs on "Hot Property" written by Dancefloor Maestro ROD TEMPERTON (who would of course go on to Global fame by penning half of Michael Jackson's "Thriller") – it should be a killer album. But like so many Soul/Funk/Disco albums of the time (1979) – there's highs and lows. Here are both sides...

UK released November 2010 - "Hot Property" by HEATWAVE on Big Break Records BBRCD 0021 (Barcode 5013929032125) is an 'Expanded Edition' CD Reissue and Remaster with Five Bonus Tracks and plays out as follows (67:19 minutes):

1. Razzle Dazzle
2. Eyeballin'
3. This Night We Fell
4. Raise A Blaze
5. First Day Of Snow
6. One Night Tan [Side 2]
7. Therm Warfare
8. All Talked Out
9. That's The Way We'll Always Say Goodnight
10. Disco
Tracks 1 to 10 are the vinyl album "Hot Property" - released May 1979 in the UK on GTO Records GTLP 039.

11. Birthday (7" Single Version)
12. Eyeballin' (US 12" Disco Version)
13. One Night Tan (US 7" Version)
14. Therm Warfare (UK 7" Single Version)
15. Birthday (US 12" Version)

The 16-page booklet is the usual great job done by BBR – pictures of the UK and US 7" and 12" labels, band photo and liner notes by HAYDEN JONES (a Writer and DJ in London) with discography info as well. And the rounded-corners of the Super Jewel Case makes it pretty to look at (visually different). But the big news as ever is the ALAN WILSON and WAYNE A. DICKSON remaster which is superlative - beautiful lush sound – real presence on every track.

It opens with a plucky "Razzle Dazzle" and continues in the same vein with "Eyeballin'" – both obvious single choices. The problem for me is that they’re not as good as "Gangsters Of The Groove" by any stretch of the imagination. Far better is the boppin' magic of the deliberately misspelt "Therm Warfare" which stretches to a floor-pleasing 6:44 minutes. It's a killer (lyrics from it title this review). "All Talked Out" is another goody that could so easily have been on MJ's "Off The Wall". The lone love song "That's The Way We'll Always Say Goodnight" is syrupy and features a grating weedy vocal. Things pick up with the final cut though – "Disco" - which sounds just like its title.

Heatwave's "Hot Property" is not nearly as good as the "Candles" album from 1981 (it was leading up to it) - but it most definitely has goodies worth owning. And if you're a fan of Late Seventies Funk and Disco and the genius way-with-a-melody of the sadly departed Rod Temperton – then don the spandex, embrace your inner glitterball and get sweaty with this sexy little reissue...

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