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"I Am Sam" by VARIOUS ARTISTS Doing Beatles Cover Versions (2002 Soundtrack Album On CD) - A Review by Mark Barry...

"...Pools Of Sorrow...Waves Of Joy..."

'I Am Sam' Original Soundtrack Album on CD

I was watching the superb but cancelled American TV Series "Flash Forward" on DVD and one of the early episodes (I think it was about 5 or 6) featured Rufus Wainwright's gorgeously evocative cover of The Beatles Let It Be classic "Across The Universe". I was blown away and immediately had to own it.

When I got the CD - I then noticed the track choices and the artists - each very cleverly picked and each lending themselves to acoustic interpretations of Beatles songs - especially from 1966 onwards. Their versions are amazing in some cases - Aimee Mann and Michael Penn's "Two Of Us" is so good - sounding like the original - but with a deftness of touch and matching duet vocals like the original. The Stereophonics do a stunning Soulfully slowed down version of the "Get Back" B-side "Don't Let Me Down" - sort of Ryan Adams in its feel. The whole album is filled with beautifully complimentary covers like this.

A hugely satisfying overall listen – "I Am Sam" Original Soundtrack Album is a rare achievement for a collection of Beatles songs.

What a band and what a legacy. Get this ace CD in your life soonest…

1. Two Of Us - Aimee Mann
2. Blackbird - Sarah McLachlan
3. Across The Universe - Rufus Wainwright
4. I'm Looking Through You - The Wallflowers
5. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Eddie Vedder
6. Strawberry Fields Forever - Ben Harper
7. Mother Nature's Son - Sheryl Crow
8. Golden Slumbers - Ben Folds
9. I'm Only Sleeping - The Vines
10. Don't Let Me Down - Stereophonics
11. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Black Crowes
12. Julia - Chocolate Genius
13. We Can Work It Out - Heather Nova
14. Help! - Howie Day
15. Nowhere Man - Paul Westerberg
16. Revolution - Grandaddy
17. Let It Be - Nick Cave

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