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“The Two Of Us" by YARBROUGH & PEOPLES - A Review Of Their R'n'B Number 1 Album From 1980 - Now Remastered & Expanded Onto CD By BIG BREAK RECORDS Of The UK In 2014

Here is a link to AMAZON UK to get this CD Remaster at a good price:

“…You’re My Song…” – The Two Of Us by YARBROUGH & PEOPLES (2014 BBR CD Remaster)

A monster album that rose to Number 1 on the USA R’n’B album charts – Cavin YARBROUGH and Alisa PEOPLES finally hit songwriting paydirt in late 1980 with their “The Two Of Us” album. And this typically superb BBR CD (of the UK) does that fondly remembered stepper proud. Here are the toe-tapping details…

UK released on an Expanded CD Remaster in July 2014 – Big Break Records CDBBRX0195 (Barcode 5013939049536) breaks down as follows (56:16 minutes):

Tracks 1 to 9 are the album “The Two Of Us” – released October 1980 in the USA on Mercury Records SRM-1-3834
Tracks 10 to 13 are BONUSES – Third Degree (12” Disco Mix), Don’t Stop The Music (Single Version) and Third Degree (Single Version)

It comes in one of those new rounded jewel cases and the CD itself reflects the American Mercury Records label of the time. The 16-page booklet pictures US and UK 45’s and 12’s, promo photos of the soulful duo, discography info and hugely detailed liner notes by J MATTHEW COBB (of Hi Fi Magazine). But the big news as always is the stunning remaster by Big Break’s resident tape wizard WAYNE A. DICKSON – warm, clear, ballsy – another top job done. This thing sounds amazing.

It opens with the full album version of the smash “Don’t Stop The Music” which runs to nearly 8 minutes as opposed to the more manageable 7” edit at 4:11 minutes. The album’s other massive hit was “Third Degree” which is again featured here in an album version at just under 5-minutes - while the 7” single edit weighs in at 3:45 minutes (the Disco Mix is roughly the same length as the album version). “Crazy” has a fab slap-bass funkiness as does the CHIC cool of “Want You Back Again” (the B-side to “Third Degree”). I’ve always liked the irrepressible “You’re My Song” and it finishes on the upbeat almost poppy Soul of “I Believe I’m Falling In Love”.

It’s not genius by any means – but its good to hear those upbeat-Summer tracks again – and in such superb sound quality…

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