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"The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection" by BURT BACHARACH (1998 USA and UK Rhino 3CD Remasters - Original 'Long Book' Version) - A Review by Mark Barry...

"...Let The Music Play..."

A veritable feast on the ears and eyes – this original US and UK 'long book' version from 1998 with 3CDs was superseded by the much cheaper 2010 card-slipcase reissue/variant – and has subsequently become something of a collector's item. It's especially difficult finding one without the notoriously easy-to-scuff outer plastic slipcase scraped to bits or even cracked on the sides. There's a mountain of stuff on here - so let's get to the Alfie cocktails, San Jose shimmy-shakers and Casino Royale suburban heartaches...

USA released November 1998 (December 1998 in the UK) – "The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection" by BURT BACHARACH (featuring Various Artists) on Rhino R2 75339 (Barcode 081227533922) is a 75-track 3-CD 'Long Book' Set of Remasters and plays out as follows:

All catalogue numbers listed below are US 7" singles unless otherwise stated - preceded by the US release date:

Disc 1, 26-Tracks  (70:55 minutes):
1. The Story Of My Life – MARTY ROBBINS (November 1957, Columbia 41013)
2. Magic Moments – PERRY COMO (January 1958, RCA Victor 7128)
3. The Blob – THE FIVE BLOBS (September 1958, Columbia 41250)
4. Please Stay – THE DRIFTERS (May 1961, Atlantic 2105)
5. I Wake Up Crying – CHUCK JACKSON (August 1961, Wand 110)
6. Tower Of Strength – GENE McDANIELS (September 1961, Liberty 55371)
7. Baby It's You – THE SHIRELLES (December 1961, Scepter 1227)
8. Mexican Divorce – THE DRIFTERS (February 1962, Atlantic 2134)
9. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – GENE PITNEY (April 1962, Musicor 1020)
10. Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) – CHUCK JACKSON (April 1962, Wand 122)
11. Make It Easy On Yourself – JERRY BUTLER (June 1962, Vee Jay 451)
12. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself – TOMMY HUNT (August 1962, Scepter 1236)
13. It's Love That Really Counts (In The Long Run) – THE SHIRELLES (August 1962, Scepter 1237)
14. Only Love Can Break Your Heart – GENE PITNEY (August 1962, Musicor 1022)
15. (There Goes) The Forgotten Man – JIMMY RADCLIFFE (September 1962, Musicor 1024)
16. Don't Make Me Over – DIONNE WARWICK (November 1962, Scepter 1239)
17. Let The Music Play – THE DRIFTERS (March 1963, Atlantic 2182)
18. Blue On Blue – BOBBY VINTON (May 1963, Epic 9593)
19. True Love Never Runs Smooth – GENE PITNEY (June 1963, Musicor 66063)
20. Blue Guitar – RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN (September 1963, MGM 13170)
21. Reach Out For Me – LOU JOHNSON (July 1963, Big Top 3153)
22. Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa – GENE PITNEY (October 1963, Musicor 66067)
23. Anyone Who Had A Heart – DIONNE WARWICK (November 1963, Scepter 1262)
24. A House Is Not A Home – BROOK BENTON (July 1964, Mercury 72303)
25. Wives And Lovers – JACK JONES (September 1963, Kapp 551)
26. Wishin' And Hopin' – DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (June 1964, Philips 40207)

Disc 2, 27-Tracks (75:32 minutes):
1. Walk On By – DIONNE WARWICK (April 1964, Scepter 1274)
2. (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me – LOU JOHNSON (July 1964, Big Hill 552)
3. Me Japanese Boy I Love You – BOBBY GOLDSBORO (June 1964, United Artists 742)
4. To Wait For Love – TONY ORLANDO (September 1964, Epic 9715)
5. Kentucky Bluebird (Send A Message To Martha) – LOU JOHNSON (October 1964, Big Hill 553, A)
6. Land Of Make Believe – DIONNE WARWICK (from the August 1964 album "Make Way For Dionne Warwick" on Scepter SPS-523)
7. The Last One To Be Loved – LOU JOHNSON (October 1964, Big Hill 553, B-side to "Kentucky Bluebird...")
8. Fool Killer – GENE PITNEY (from the 1965 album "Gene Pitney's More Big Sixteen/Volume Two" on Musicor MS-3043)
9. Don't Go Breaking My Heart – BURT BACHARACH (May 1965, Kapp 657, A – also appeared on the May 1965 Stereo album "Hit Maker!" on Kapp KLS-3428)
10. What The World Needs Now Is Love – JACKIE DeSHANNON (April 1965, Imperial 66110)
11. Trains And Boats And Planes – BURT BACHARACH (May 1965, Kapp 657, B-side of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" – also appeared on the May 1965 Stereo album "Hit Maker!" on Kapp KS-3428)
12. What's New Pussycat? – TOM JONES (June 1965, Parrot 9765 – also appeared on the July 1965 Stereo LP to the Soundtrack for "What's New Pussycat?" on United Artists UAS 5128)
13. My Little Red Book – MANFRED MANN (appeared on the July 1965 Stereo LP to the Soundtrack for "What's New Pussycat?" on United Artists UAS 5128)
14. Here I Am – DIONNE WARWICK (June 1965, Scepter 12104 – also appeared on the July 1965 Stereo LP to the Soundtrack for "What's New Pussycat?" on United Artists UAS 5128)
15. A Lifetime Of Loneliness – JACKIE DeSHANNON (September 1965, Imperial 66132)
16. Made In Paris – TRINI LOPEZ (January 1966, Reprise 0435)
17. Promise Her Anything – TOM JONES (February 1966, Parrot 9809)
18. Are You There (With Another Girl) – DIONNE WARWICK (December 1965, Scepter 12122)
19. Come And Get Me – JACKIE DeSHANNON (April 1966, Imperial 66171)
20. Alfie – CILLA BLACK (August 1966, Capitol 5674)
21. In Between The Heartache – DIONNE WARWICK (September 1966, Scepter 12167)
22. Nikki – THE BURT BACHARACH ORCHESTRA & CHORUS (December 1966, Liberty 55934)
23. So Long Johnny – JACKIE DeSHANNON (July 1966, Imperial 66196)
24. The Windows Of The World – DIONNE WARWICK (July 1967, Scepter 12196)
25. Take A Broken Heart – RICK NELSON (December 1966, Decca 32055 – also appeared on the March 1967 original cast album for "On The Flip Side" on Decca 74826)
26. I Say A Little Prayer – DIONNE WARWICK (October 1967, Scepter 12203)
27. Casino Royale – HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS (March 1967, A&M 850 – also appeared on the April 1967 original motion picture soundtrack LP to "Casino Royale" on Colgems 5505)

Disc 3, 22-Tracks (79:11 minutes):
1. The Look Of Love – DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (appeared on the April 1967 original motion picture soundtrack LP to "Casino Royale" on Colgems 5505 - later re-recorded and issued July 1967 as a 7" single on Philips 40465)
2. Do You Know The Way To San Jose – DIONNE WARWICK (April 1968, Scepter 12216)
3. This Guy's In Love With You – HERB ALPERT (May 1968, A&M 929)
4. Knowing When To Leave – JILL O'HARA (from the December 1968 original Broadway cast album "Promises, Promises" on United Artists 9902)
5. Promises, Promises – DIONNE WARWICK (October 1968, Scepter 12231)
6. Pacific Coast Highway – BURT BACHARACH (May 1969, A&M 1064 – also appeared on the June 1969 album "Make It Easy On Yourself" on A&M 4188)
7. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head – B.J. THOMAS (October 1969, Scepter 12265 – also appeared on the November 1969 original soundtrack album to "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid" on A&M SP-4227)
8. Odds And Ends (July 1969, Scepter 12256)
9. Everybody's Out Of Town – B.J. THOMAS (March 1970, Scepter 12277)
10. I'll Never Fall In Love Again – DIONNE WARWICK (December 1969, Scepter 12273)
11. (They Long To Be) Close To You – THE CARPENTERS (June 1970, A&M 1183)
12. Paper Mache – DIONNE WARWICK (June 1970, Scepter 12285)
13. One Less Bell To Answer – THE 5th DIMENSION (October 1970, Bell 940)
14. Check Out Time – DIONNE WARWICK (November 1970, Scepter 587)
15. Hasbrook Heights – BURT BACHARACH (from the May 1971 album "Burt Bacharach" on A&M SP-3501)
16. The Balance Of Nature – DIONNE WARWICK (from the January 1972 album "Dionne" on Warner Brothers BS 2585)
17. Living Together Growing Together – THE 5th DIMENSION (December 1972, Bell 310)
18. You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart) – THE STYLISTICS (May 1973, Avco 4618)
19. Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) – CHRISTOPHER CROSS (July 1981, Warner Brothers 49787 – also appeared on August 1981 original soundtrack album "Arthur (The Album)" on Warner Brothers 3582)
20. On My Own – PATTI LaBELLE & MICHAEL McDONALD (March 1986, MCA 52770)
21. That’s What Friends Are You – DIONNE & FRIENDS (October 1985, Arista 9422)
22. God Give Me Strength – BUT BACHARACH & ELVIS COSTELLO (from the September 1996 original motion picture soundtrack "Grace Of My Heart" on MCA 15102)

Beautifully produced by PATRICK MULLIGAN and ALEX CUMMING – only 6 of the 75 songs on "The Look Of Love" contain an actual Burt Bacharach credit as an artist – the remainder are of course songs he wrote with his lyric writing partner Hal David for other players – almost all them considerable chart hits.

This 1998 original American 3CD set comes in a 'long hardback book' form with an outer plastic slipcase (artists names embossed on the slipcase) and a drop-dead gorgeous 90-page booklet attached to the centre. From Page 32 to 81 each song is given a full on appraisal by ALAN CUMMING with further chapters by BILL DeMAIN on 'The Burt Bacharach Story', PAUL GREIN on 'The Lyricist Hal David' and 'The Voice of Dionne Warwick' as well as Production credits, recording details and Discography info. There's copious amounts of artist photos peppered throughout the text, a colour LP discography page for Bacharach's own releases towards the end - and so much more. You really do get a feel for the period and his creative/collaborative brilliance. It's exemplary stuff and much of it not available on the reissues.

To confuse matters further - 2001 saw Universal/Warners reissue "The Look Of Love" using the exact same cover artwork and title - but this time as a sort of 2CD 50-track 'Best Of' with a dropped-down 16-page booklet (to locate that cheaper option use Barcode 095483962457). On top of that - there's subsequently been another Rhino 3CD release in 2006 called "Magic Moments" with much of what's on the original "Look Of Love" 3CD set but with many other rarities included too (true fans will need both). Price-wise the 2006 3CD "Magic Moments" release is available for less than seven quid from most retailers and the 2CD "Look Of Love" reissue for as little as three quid in places (or even less) - so why pay £10 to £50 or more for the 1998 American original long book version? The answer is the stunning presentation (not present in the reissues) and the equally marvellous BILL INGLOT and ADAM GARVER Audio remasters...

The SOUND will knock your socks off. The AUDIO by BILL INGLOT with help from ADAM GARVER is simply stupendous – quite possibly the best work Inglot has ever done – and that's really saying something considering the vast WEA catalogue he's handled for Rhino and everything else in between (three decades of work). The notes say that in the main STEREO masters were used except for early singles where only the MONO tapes exist. The results are a listen that amazes at every twist or turn. Let's get to the music...

Disc 1 - after the Fifties bubblegum pop of Marty Robbins and Perry Como followed by the part-naff, part-genius novelty winner that is "The Blob" – we settle into some truly great Soul sides. Atlantic's The Drifters were never far from Bacharach's heart (they appear twice in the guise of "Please Stay" and "Let The Music Play") while Chuck Jackson pleads mercy on the truly gorgeous "I Wake Up Crying". Gene McDaniels employs the croaking and yelping gestures of Jackie Wilson for his melodramatic "Tower Of Strength". Jackson returns with the epic production of "Any Day Now..." – while the remaster audio on Jerry Butler's exquisite "Make It Easy On Yourself" simply blows you away. And on tracks like "It's Love That Really Counts..." by The Shirelles and Bobby Vinton's admittedly cheesy "Blue On Blue" – the stunning audio once again hammers you. Both Lou Johnson ("Reach Out For Me") and Tommy Hunt ("I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself") straddle the border of 60ts Pop and 60ts Soul with their Bacharach weepies – and his fabulous association with the expressive larynx of Dionne Warwick still tingles as you listen to pristine transfers of "Don't Make Me Over" and "Anyone Who Had A Heart" (check out that left speaker Sax solo). Disc 1 ends on a triple domestic whammy – the wonderful deep tone of "A Home Is Not A Home" by Brook Benton – the suburban shagging song "Wives And Lovers" by Mister Smiley himself Jack Jones – finishing with Dusty's "...won't get you into his arms..." wistful longing in the innocent "Wishin' & Hopin'" (somebody help this woman).

Disc 2 sees the dominance and wonder of his collaborations with female singers like Jackie DeShannon and in particular Dionne Warwick. The audio on Dionne's "Walk On By", "Land Of Make Believe" and "Are You There (With Another Girl)" is the stuff of dreams – warm, vibrant and sounding like they were recorded yesterday. Burt's own "Hit Maker!" solo songs begin to make their presence known as does all that madcap soundtrack stuff from "What's New Pussycat?" and the pseudo-Bond "Casino Royale". Disc 3 opens with Dusty Springfield and Dionne Warwick – but Herb Alpert, The Carpenters and that monster hit from the "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid" soundtrack "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" by B.J. Thomas sail out of your speakers with warmth and well-remembered affection. Nice to see lesser heard songs like the lovely "One Less Bell To Answer" by The 5th Dimension get an airing along with Jill O'Hara's rare "Knowing When To Leave" from the film "Promises, Promises". It ends with a flurry of 80s chart presence in the shape of Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald, Patti LaBelle and of course a reunion for charity with Dionne Warwick (& Friends). The last track is a wonderful modern-day collaboration between two consummate songwriters – Elvis Costello and Burt. And throughout the three discs – you feel Hal David's uncanny knack at tapping into the human condition – words about love, longing, loss, sex and domestic appliances. What a duo...

Sure there are cheaper options - and with that plastic slipcase being so easy to scuff – I’ve seen sealed American originals go for £60 to £70 because collectors want it pristine – but I blagged my copy with a scuffed-up outer slipcase for a ten spot and love every second of it.

Rhino have produced some extraordinary reissues over the decades - especially in their more lavish box sets of the 90s - "Beg, Scream & Shout: The Big Ol' Box Of 60ts Soul" in its 7" Single-Sized Box and "Girl Group Sounds" in its Round Hat Box - both jump to mind. I consider this peach amongst them. They took time, love and care on this baby and "The Look Of Love" shows and sounds for it.

Compiler and writer Alan Cumming entitles one of his chapters in the liner notes as 'The Big, Astonishing, Gloriously Human Bacharach Sound' – and on the Audio and Visual evidence presented in "The Look Of Love" - the canny man's right...

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