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“IRISH & CELTIC MASTERPIECES SHM-CD SERIES” - A List Of 10 New Titles Available From Japan 6 April 2016 (including MOVING HEARTS, CHRIS REA and LUKA BLOOM)

10 CDs available from 6 April 2016 in Japan-Only

A SHM-CD does 'not' require any special kind of equipment to play it on - it's simply a better form of CD (the format's basic disc hasn't changed since its introduction in 1984). The SHM-CD feels shiny in nature and weights a tad more (introduced about 2008 by Toshiba). 

In layman's terms - it picks up the nuances from the transfer/remaster more clearly and in my experience it's about 20% better - but man what a difference that can make...(I own about 20 of them and have reviewed most). 

As you can see from the list below - "Irish And Celtic Masterpieces" has been given a 'broad brushstroke' by our friends in Japan - but at least it's good to see rare MOVING HEARTS and BARRY MOORE titles (as LUKA BLOOM) get CD reissue. And I'd love a better version of Chris Rea's "Shamrock Diaries" or even Gerry Rafferty's "City To City"...

It's Tuesday, 2 February 2016 and I've only just learned of these this morning - so as yet there is no mention as to whether these are new remasters or not. At this price (mid price) most are likely to be based on older versions/latest remasters. They're being sold for 1404 Yen which (with discounts) translates into about £7.50 to £9 per disc, 10 to 12 Euros. 

CD JAPAN (http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/) are selling these for about £8 plus postage on top...

Let's hope they extend this series to more interesting stuff on the Mulligan Label - Paul Brady's "Welcome Here Kind Stranger", Freddie White's "Freddie White", Scullion's "Scullion" or "Balance And Control" (produced by John Martyn on WEA Ireland only). 
It's about time someone did the four stunning BOTHY BAND albums on Polydor again. 
Maybe Barry Moore's "Treaty Stone" with the "Danny Boy" 7" single which was only sold in Dublin. Or even go Irish Rock with Jimi Sleven's Firefly "Getting There", Peggy's Leg "Grinilla", The Woods Band (with Gay & Terry Woods) or The Bogey Boys...here's hoping...

Available only from JAPAN 6 April 2016 as ‘Limited Pressings’
Mid Price:1404 Yen – approximately £8 to £9

1. MOVING HEARTS – Moving Hearts (1981)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17108 (Barcode 4943674229444)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, Released: 6 April 2016)

2. CHRISTY MOORE – The Time Has Come (1983)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17109 (Barcode 4943674229482)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

3. MAURA O’CONNELL – Wandering Home (1997)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17110 (Barcode 4943674229505)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

4. LUKA BLOOM [Barry Moore] – Riverside (1990)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17111 (Barcode 4943674229659)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

5. CHRIS REA – Shamrock Diaries (1985)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17112 (Barcode 4943674229666)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

6. GERRY RAFFERTY – City To City (1978)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17113 (Barcode 4943674229680)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

7. THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter (1968)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17114 (Barcode 4943674229772)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

8. ELEANOR SHANLEY – Eleanor Shanley (1995)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17115 (Barcode 4943674229789)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

9. CATRIONA O’LEARY & DULRA – Duil, Irish Songs Of Love & Nature (2000)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17116 (Barcode 4943674229796)
 (SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

10. THE ROCHES – Keep On Doing (1982)
Warner Brothers WPCR-17117 (Barcode 4943674229772)
(SHM-CD in Jewel Case, released 6 April 2016)

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