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"The Complete Atlantic Recordings" by BARBARA LYNN (October 2014 Real Gone Music/Rhino CD Remasters) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"…Sure Is Worth It…" 

Now here's a very cool CD compilation from a relatively new reissue label on the block - the US-based REAL GONE MUSIC. This is my first purchase of their stuff and I have to say I'm more than impressed.

Soul fans will know that apart from Barbara Lynn's 12-track LP "Here Is..." on a Japanese import CD - her wonderful Soul stay with Atlantic Records has been hard to find to say the least. Real Gone Music (allayed with Soul Music Records and Rhino Custom Products) appear to have access to those elusive Atlantic Records tapes music lovers have been craving for decades. So - at last - fans get the real deal - all Barbara Lynn's work at Atlantic Records - and in fabulous Audio quality too.

The tracks are presented in recording date order on this CD - so it can be confusing working out what's what. In order to break it down in manageable chunks - I'm provided a track list and a Discography beneath that. Here are the Soulful details...

Released October 2014 - "The Complete Atlantic Recordings" by BARBARA LYNN on Real Gone Music/Rhino Custom Products/Soul Music Records RGM-0297 OPCD-8873 (Barcode 848064002970) is a CD compilation and pans out as follows (73:23 minutes):

1. This Is The Thanks I Get
2. Ring Telephone Ring
3. You'll Lose A Good Thing
4. Take Your Love And Run
5. Maybe We Can Slip Away
6. Sure Is Worth It
7. Only You Know How To Love Me
8. Until Then, I'll Suffer
9. You're Losing Me
10. Sufferin' City
11. Multiplying Pain
12. Why Can't You Love Me
13. Mix It Up Baby
14. He Ain't Gonna Do Right
15. Love Ain't Never Hurt Nobody
16. People Like Me
17. Unloved, Unwanted Me
18. You're Gonna See A Lot More (Of My Leaving)
19. Soul Deep
20. You Better Quit It
21. Nice And Easy
22. I'm A One Man Woman
23. (Daddy Hot Stuff) You're Too Hot To Hold
24. You Make Me So Hot
25. It Ain't Good To Be Too Good

Fans can sequence her lone album for the label "Here Is Barbara Lynn" released July 1968 on Atlantic 8171 by using the following tracks:
Side 1: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Side 2: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 1

Her eight Atlantic 45s were issued as follows - [9] = Track Number etc

1. This Is The Thanks I Get [1] b/w Ring Telephone Ring [2]
1968, Atlantic 45-2450

2. Why Can't You Love Me [12] b/w You're Losing Me [9]
1968, Atlantic 45-2513

3. Love Ain't Never Hurt Nobody [15] b/w You're Gonna See A Lot More [18]
1968, Atlantic 45-2553

4. People Like Me [16] b/w He Ain't Gonna Do Right [14]
1969, Atlantic 45-2585

5. Until Then, I'll Suffer [8] b/w Take Your Love And Run [4]
1971, Atlantic 45-2812

6. Nice And Easy [21] b/w I'm A One Woman Man [22]
1972, Atlantic 45-2853

7. (Daddy Hot Stuff) You're Too Hot To Hold [23] b/w You Better Quit It [20]
1972, Atlantic 45-2880

8. You Make Me So Hot [24] b/w It Ain't No Good To Be Too Good [25]
1973, Atlantic 45-2931

Track 17 "Unloved, Unwanted Me" was first issued on the UK CD compilation "The Girls Got Soul" on Ace/Kent Soul CDKEND 186 in 2000 while Track 19 "Soul Deep" is PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

The 8-page booklet is good rather than great - it pictures lots of those Atlantic 45s, has detailed liner notes from noted writer and Soul lover DAVID NATHAN and not much else. It's a bit of a let down considering what Ace Records and Edsel regularly put out on UK reissues (RGM should up their game on this). But there's no disappointment on the Audio front - remastered by MIKE MILCHNER at SoundVision - the clarity and punch on offer here is fantastic.

Northern Soul monsters "Take Your Love And Run" and "Sure Is Worth It" (both very Motown) sound superb - guaranteed to see the talcum powder hitting the kitchen floor. The slow and Bluesy "(Until Then) I'll Suffer" and the brass/girly vocals pleader "He Ain't Gonna Do Right" both have small amounts of hiss on them but the atmosphere is HUGE so the lovely transfer has allowed them to breathe.

I had "You're Losing Me" on the "After Hours 3" CD compilation (another Northern Soul pleaser) and the mid-tempo "Nice And Easy" was on the first "You Better Believe It" CD compilation back in 2004. Things get guitar funky with "I'm A One Man Woman" while her cover of The Box Tops "Soul Deep" is a worthy Previously Unreleased find. There's a fabulous Sax throughout the R&B smoocher "You'll Lose A Good Thing" and a Staples Singers keyboard boogie feel to "Love Ain't Hurt Nobody".

A properly excellent reissue and one that's gonna have me reaching for more of the same. Speaking of which...

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