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Friday, 29 November 2019

"Loving Explosion" by THE ELIMINATORS – Debut and Only Album from July 1974 on BRC Records [Brunswick Records Corporation] in the USA (June 1999 UK Soul Brother Records CD Reissue and Remaster) - A Review by Mark Barry...

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"…I Feel So Good Inside…"

Talk about a forgotten nugget that shouldn't be. Released in the USA in July 1974 on BRC Records (Brunswick Records Corporation) – THE ELIMINATORS lone album is amazingly accomplished Soul/Funk that sounds more 1969 to 1971 than 1974. 

Forgiving the awful atomic bomb artwork - "Loving Explosion" is kind of a cross between Chi-Lites Chicago Soul and Isley Brothers Brass-driven Funk with a gritty James Brown vocalist out front (Levon Meyers tearing it up) backed up at times by The Meters. If that isn't enough to get your 70ts juices a-flowin' - then you may want to check your pulse – because you could already be dead... 

This wonderful 1999 reissue on SOUL BROTHER RECORDS of the UK also sounds incredible – full of power, presence and warmth. The album was originally recorded with the Ultra-Range Sound Process – and as every Soul Fan whose every bought any Brunswick Records compilation on CD knows – their Production values were absolute top notch at all times.

1. Loving Explosion [Side 1]
2. Get Satisfied
3. Love Your Woman
4. Give It Up
5. Try, Try, Try
6. Blood Donors Needed (Give All You Can) [Side 2]
7. Taking Love, And Making Love
8. Get Satisfied (Pt. 2)
9. Loose Hips
10. Rump Bump

UK released June 1999 (reissued March 2003 and July 2009)  – "Love Explosion" by THE ELIMINATORS on Soul Brother Records CD SBCS 4 (Barcode 5013993570424) is a straightforward CD transfer of their lone album originally released July 1974 in the USA on BRC Records BRC 7-7001 (35:05 minutes). There's no liner notes of any real import – just a basic gatefold slip of paper that reproduces the band's declaration on the rear sleeve and naught else. For fans here are the details…

Produced by ALONZO TUCKER (Directed by Jonathan Robinson) – The Eliminators were:
Levon Meyers – Vocalist
Donald Clark – Vocal and Harmonica
Calvin Rhodes – Guitar
Robert Burris – Rhythm Guitar
James Anderson - Organ
James Funches – Alto Sax and Flute
Jonathan L. Robison – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Godosakahi Jordan - Tenor
Nathaniel Williams – Bass
Clifford Little - Conga
Carl Johnson – Drums

It doesn't say who remastered what or where – and at times it feels like some of this may have been dubbed off vinyl but don't let that put you off – the sound quality is fantastic – full of those top Brunswick Production values.

Musically were in Young Holt Unlimited territory with the fabulous opener "Loving Explosion" – and immediately the throaty vocals of Levon Meyers impresses (there's no credit for the great female backing vocals). We slide into a Meters down-south-funkin' groove with "Get Satisfied" featuring superb speaker-to-speaker funky guitar while the high falsetto of Donald Clark makes itself known too. Things go blown James Brown & The JB's with "Give It Up" - fantastic rhythm and brass punches making it an irresistible dancer (BBR tried it as a single on BBR Records BRC 113 in 1974). Side 1 ends on a great smoocher "Try, Try, Try" again with Levon and the Girls giving in some heartbreak.

Side 2 opens with more Meters-influenced funk "Blood Donor Needed" – a plea to the ghetto people to offer up their blood to aid gunshot kids. The smoochy "Taking Love And Making Love" is Tyrone Davis meets The Chi-Lites – superbly arranged - the kind of Summer Song that sails out of a inner-city ghetto-blaster like a sweet breeze. Funk fans will love "Get Satisfied Part 2" – an instrumental of the A with a killer groove. But the album ends on two highs – "Loose Hips" and the "People Say" (by The Meters) groove of "Rump Bump" where the whole thing comes together – top rhythm section, brass breaks, organ and Levon giving it some Joe Tex vocals. Tremendous finisher.

Forgotten and obscure for sure – The Eliminators deserved a better fate than that. At least this wonderful Soul Brother CD (they also reissued a vinyl copy) remembers their Soul/Funk moment of glory in 1974 with sonic style. 

There was even a 180-Grams VINYL LP repressing of "Loving Explosion" by The Eliminators in March 2019 by Demon of the UK on Demon Records DEMREC362 (Barcode 5014797898707). This is a Soul/Funk album that deserves your readies - check it out soon…

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