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"Paradise" by LEROY HUTSON. An Old-School Soul Rarity Is Given A New Lease Of Life

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This remaster is a straightforward reissue of a long-out-of-print US LP by soul/funk man LEROY HUTSON; "Paradise" was issued on Elektra E1 60141 in July 1982. Reissued in October 2007 - this CD has remastered sound and a detailed booklet - but unlike most of the other CDs in this Rhino series - it has no bonus tracks (39:00 minutes).

"Paradise" is very much of the time - Kool And The Gang sounding keyboards punctured with Earth, Wind and Fire brass fills - all of it underlined by slappy bass lines. The shadow of Chic's "Risqué", George Benson's "Give Me The Night" and Change's "The Glow Of Love" LPs loom over the whole album (and you can 'so' hear where Maxwell got his sound and style from).

Highlights include the party opener of "Classy Lady", the Grover Washington Jnr's "Winelight" feel of "Paradise" and the almost Kid Creole & The Coconuts salsa funkiness of "Nobody But You". There's also the Jerry Butler co-written "You Make It Happen" and "Nice & Easy" - a pair of sweet mid-tempo smoochers. But it's not all good of course. "She's Got It" opens with a telephone ringing, then a toiler flushing (I kid you not) then a deep Barry White type voice goes into loverman spiel - it's awful. A shame that, because the groove of the tune is actually quite good. The dance floor funk of "Stay At It" sounds a little dated too.

Long time tape supremo BILL INGLOT has remastered the album and the sound is great - funky and muscular.

An old-school soul/funk LP given a new lease of life - shame about the lack of extras though.

PS: This release is part of Rhino's "CLASSIC SOUL ALBUM - REMASTERED & EXPANDED" Series.
Most titles are first time onto CD and are rare soul albums from the Warner/Atlantic/Cotillion/Elektra vaults.
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