Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Something's Broken On This Reissue & It Isn't The Arrows

This September 2008 ORK Records/RPM CD puts together both of JOHN "RABBIT" BUNDRICK'S solo albums on the Island label from the early 1970s on the same CD (64:09 minutes). "Broken Arrows" was released in May 1973 on Island ILPS 9238 and "Dark Saloon" released in August 1974 on Island ILPS 9289.

You've probably noticed that the albums have been placed in reverse running order - 1974 first, then 1973. This seems like an odd admin error to make - that is until you `listen' to the 1973 album. It's absolutely drenched in huge amounts of hiss on every single track - to a point where it intrudes on the listen - way too much. The second album fares better sound wise with most of its songs being crisp and clear. But why place the better sounding tracks FIRST? Could it be that if you put them in the right order and played it - you wouldn't buy the disc at all! It says these albums were `mastered' by Music Masters - but doesn't say by who or when - or even whether the real tapes were used? A shoddy job to say the least.

However, most of that would be bearable if the music was actually any good. It isn't. This is turgid mid 70's rock - it was uninteresting then and has dated badly now. Rabbit hadn't a great voice either. When I worked at Reckless, these albums used to sit in the racks for months despite being supposed listed rarities - on hearing this poor reissue, it's not difficult to see why.

Unless you have to have these forgotten LPs on CD - I'd say avoid this sloppy reissue. It's odd - because RPM releases have a good reputation.

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