Thursday, 29 October 2009

“Coraline” – A Review of the 2009 Animated Film Now Issued on BLU RAY in Both 2D and 3D.

"…No Coraline!” said the Evil Spider. “I’m Your “Other” Mother…"

I would echo other reviews of "Coraline" - an absolute wow on the 2D BLU RAY image - but gimmicky, dark and blurry on the 3D version.

This is aimed at both the kids and their accompanying parents - childlike enough to capture the wee ones for two hours, but adult enough in other ways to keep us old-folk glued. My 11 and 15 year olds loved it, though I would say it might be a bit 'too' scary for children younger than that (it's quite sinister in parts - this is not saccharine Disney, but Tim Burton territory - and he rarely panders nor holds back).

Four flimsy card glasses are provided for the 3D version (you choose either 2D or 3D from the main menu), but as you watch it, they irritate and you're far too aware of them. Pixar’s “Up” had proper 3D glasses when we went to see it at the cinema and they made a huge difference to both the quality of the 3D effect and the comfort (too busy enjoying the film to notice).

The 2D version couldn’t be more different. The BLU RAY image is awesome – really bringing out the workmanship that went into each shot. The richness of the animation and the hugely imaginative way all the characters look in every single scene – it’s all an absolute blast. The vocal work is typically ace too (Dakota Fanning shines) and the story of parents and their children straying apart is like a dark Brothers Grimm tale that will unfortunately ring too true for many. The extras are superb too. Shame the whole thing is let down by the 3D side of things.

To sum up - and despite some niggles - the gobsmacking beauty of the print, the great voice talent and the dead clever grown-up story make it all worthwhile.

This is one you'll watch again and again – and your kids will impress their friends with it.


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