Thursday, 8 October 2009

“Passengers”. A Review of the 2009 Film Now On DVD and BLU RAY.

“…I Know You From Somewhere…”

I've watched so many films this year - and the really good ones you can count on two hands - "Passengers" is one of them.

At first it's a little frustrating as Anne Hathaway struggles with her therapist assignment - five men and women who've survived a crash-landed jet on American soil. They may or may not have acquired powers because of the crash - and people and odd things appear around them? Or perhaps the airline is being less than truthful about its planes and their maintenance records when she confronts them (David Morse)? Why is Patrick Wilson (one of the bloodied survivors who has recovered remarkably quickly) so determined to woe and date Anne? And why do others around Anne now want all manner of things from her - her boss wants a speedy report put in (Andre Braugher) - the suddenly way too friendly neighbor (Dianne Wiest)?

To say too much is to give too much away, and I wouldn't want to spoil it - suffice to say - like many other reviewers, I was strangely moved by this film.

"Passengers" is directed by Rodrigo Garcia - the same man who brought us the brilliant Gabriel Byrne psychiatrist drama "In Treatment".

Hire this movie and bear with it - it's a gem in a sea of mediocrity.

Recommended - big time.

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