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“All Night Boogie – The Great Atlantic Vocal Groups Vol.Two” by VARIOUS ARTISTS. A Review Of The Rhino/Collectors’ Choice Music 2CD Set From 1996.

"…It’s The All Night Boogie…That’s What I’m Talkin’ About…"

Both this and its preceding 2CD partner from 1995 "Don’t It Sound Good - The Great Atlantic Vocal Groups (Vol. One)" are now deleted and have over the years become expensive rarities in themselves. But for vocal group collectors and lovers of the magical Atlantic label, they contain tracks you simply can't get anywhere else. Here are the details...

"All Night Boogie - The Great Atlantic Vocal Groups Vol. Two" on Rhino/Collectors’ Choice Music R2 7209 (a 1996 2CD set) breaks down as follows:

Disc 1 (69:48 minutes):
1. All Night Boogie – THE CLOVERS [Previously Unreleased, Recorded July 1951]
2. I’ll Always Love You – THE CARDINALS (November 1951, Atlantic 952)
3. For Awhile – THE CARDINALS [Previously Unreleased, Recorded January 1953]
4. Yes It’s You – THE CLOVERS (May 1953, Atlantic 989)
5. You Are My Only Love – THE CARDINALS (May 1953, Atlantic 995)
6. Gone – CLYDE McPHATTER And THE DRIFTERS [Previously Unreleased, 1st Version]
7. Here Goes A Fool – THE CLOVERS June 1953, Atlantic 1000)
8. Two Loves Have I – THE DIAMONDS (August 1953, Atlantic 1003, B-side)
9. I’ll Live Again – THE DIAMONDS (August 1953, Atlantic 1003, A-side)
10. Let The Boogie Woogie Roll - CLYDE McPHATTER And THE DRIFTERS [Previously Unreleased, 2nd Version]
11. Cherry – THE DIAMONDS (December 1953, Atlantic 1017)
12. Cross Over The Bridge – THE CHORDS ((June 1954, Cat 104, B-side of “Sh-Boom” which is on Vol.1)
13. Rock, Moan & Cry – THE PLAYBOYS (August 1954, Cat 108, B-side of “Tell Me” which is on Vol.1 - see also PPS below)
14. Good Golly Miss Molly – THE PLAYBOYS [Previously Unreleased, Alternate Take – see also PPS below re The Cues]
15. Bless You – THE CHORDS (September 1954, Cat 109)
16. Freddie - CARMEN TAYLOR & BOLEROS (September 1954, Atlantic 1041, A-side. Its B-side "Ooh I" is on Vol.1. See also PPS below)
17. If Teardrops Were Kisses – THE ROBINS (February 1955, Spark 110)
18. Walk That Walk – THE SHEIKS (March 1955, Cat 116)
19. Pretty Wild – THE SH-BOOMS (The Chords Under Another Name) (October 1955, Cat 117)
20. Heartbeat - THE SH-BOOMS (The Chords Under Another Name) [Previously Unreleased, Recorded February 1955]
21. Here Goes My Heart To You – THE CARDINALS (December 1955, Atlantic 1079)
22. Don’t Leave Me Fannie – THE ROYAL JOKERS (January 1956, Atco 6062)
23. Come On Home – THE PEARLS (April 1956, Atco 6066)
24.Ain’t She Sweet – THE SENSATIONS (March 1956, Atco 6067)
25. Your Promise To Be Mine – THE DRIFTERS (February 1956, Atlantic 1089)

Disc 2 (63:37 minutes):
1. Offshore – THE CARDINALS (March 1956, Atlantic 1090)
2. My Heart Cries For You – THE SENSATIONS (August 1956, Atco 6075)
3. I Knew I’d Fall In Love – THE PENGUINS (March 1957, Atlantic 1132)
4. My Only Desire – THE FLYERS (March 1957, Atco 6088)
5. You Made Me Love You – THE SENSATIONS (April 1957, Atco 6090)
6. Fine, Fine Baby – THE ROMEOS (1st released as a 7” single in the Fall of 1957 on Fox Records 846, then re-released in December 1957 on Atco 6107, B-side)
7. Moments To Remember You By – THE ROMEOS (as per 6, A-side)
8. Yakety Yak – THE COASTERS [Previously Unreleased Stereo Remix of the 7” single version]
9. Remember The Night – THE DEL-LARKS (June 1958, East West 116)
10. Drip Drop – THE DRIFTERS (Alternate Take 1st released on the 1964 LP “Our Biggest Hits”)
11. Um Bow Bow – THE BOBBETTES (July 1958, Atlantic 1194)
12. Crying – THE VERSATILES (October 1958, Atlantic 2004, B-side to “Crying” – see 13)
13. Passing By – THE VERSATILES (as per 12, A-side)
14. Charlie Brown – THE COASTERS [Previously Unreleased Stereo Remix of the 7” single version]
15. Don’t Say Goodnight – THE BOBBETTES (May 1959, Atlantic 2027)
16. I Shot Mr. Lee – THE BOBBETTES (April 1960, Atlantic 2069)
[This is the 1st Version – a second version was released in June 1960 on Triple-X 104]
17. In The Chapel In The Moonlight – BILLY STORM (September 1960, Atlantic 2076, Produced by Phil Spector, as are 18 and 19)
18. Dear One – BILLY STORM (March 1961, Atlantic 2098)
19. A Kiss From Your Lips – BILLY STORM (July 1961, Atlantic 2112)
20.Twist & Shout – THE TOP NOTES (September 1961, Atlantic 2115)
21. I Do Love You – TEX & THE CHEX (September 1961, Atlantic 2116)
22. She Never Talked To Me That Way – THE DRIFTERS (featuring Ben E. King) [Previously Unreleased, Recorded October 1961]
23. Storm Weather – THE FOUR CASTS (April 1964, Atlantic 2211)
24. Since I Feel For You – THE SKYLINERS (June 1963, Atco 6270)
25. Let’s Be Lovers – THE STARGLOWS (June 1963, Atco 6272)

The 12-page booklet has detailed and informative liner-notes by PETER GRENDYSA on each of the acts with a few pages of musician credits (where known). Grendysa did the superlative liner notes for the 1994 "Chess Rhythm & Roll" 4CD Box Set and the Louis Jordan "Let The Good Times Roll" 8CD Box Set on Bear Family (see separate reviews).

BOB HYDE compiled it (has a short introduction in the booklet of Volume 1) with Tape research and digital remastering by WALTER DeVENNE (along with Bill Inglot, he has handled large swaths of the Atlantic catalogue for Rhino). Like the first Volume, the sound quality varies - superlative one moment ("All Night Boogie" by The Clovers - lyrics above), hissy and crackly the next ("Bless You" by The Chords). But overall, most tracks are very, very good given the vintage and limited sources. The only other place I've heard them sound 'better' is on the award-winning Bear Family "Blowing The Fuse" Series of CD compilations from 1945 to 1960 (I've reviewed all 16 - for tracks relevant to this set - see 1951 through to 1958).

The 1st 2CD set had only 4 previously unreleased songs out of 50, but likewise, the 8 on this 2nd lot of 50 are shockingly good too. "Gone" by Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters is a more ‘weepy’ 1st Version (a later take is the master for the single on Atlantic 1055) and there’s even studio chatter and a false start for “Let The Boogie Woogie Roll” – both will be genuine blasts for lovers of this extraordinary vocalist. The Playboys “Good Golly Miss Molly” was recorded December 1954 (not a Little Richard cover) and is as infectious as Atlantic Rhythm & Blues gets.

And the rare Doo Wop groups are a revelation too - The Cardinals, The Pearls and the obscure slightly Latin rhythms of The Romeos.
Phil Spector fans will appreciate the Billy Storm trio of tracks, while Coasters fans will eat up “Yakety Yak” newly remixed into STEREO! Downsides – I would have liked the proper single version of “Good Golly Miss Molly” and the inclusion of its B-side “Honey Bun” by The Playboys because I collect anything The Cues sang back-up on (Atlantic’s resident vocal group)…but you can’t have everything.

To sum up - yes it's expensive for sure, but if you're a vocal group fan or a junkie for the truly extraordinary Atlantic label - then "All Night Boogie" is a must own.

Recommended big time.

PS: see also a separate review for Volume 1 - "Don’t It Sound Good"

PPS: fans of Atlantic's 'uncredited' backing vocal group THE CUES should note that they are featured on Disc 1 on Tracks 13, 14 and 16. They are also on 3 Tracks on Vol.1

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