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“How Sweet It Is – The Columbia Hit Singles 1976-1981” by TYRONE DAVIS. A Review Of The 2010 SuperBird CD Compilation.

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"…You’ve Been Waiting For Me Too Long…"

Released January 2010, "How Sweet It Is..." features 13 charted 7" singles and 1 album track by US soul singer Tyrone Davis covering his stay at Columbia Records between 1976 and 1981.

SuperBird SBIRD 0006 CD (a division of Cherry Red Records) breaks down as follows (67:22 minutes):

1. Give It Up (Turn It Loose) (Columbia 3-10388, August 1976)
2. Close To You (Columbia 3-10457, February 1977)
3. This I Swear (Columbia 3-10528, May 1977)
4. All You Got (Columbia 3-10604, October 1977)
5. I Got Carried Away (from the 1977 USA LP "Let's Be Closer Together" on Columbia PC 34654)
6. Get On Up (Disco) (Columbia 3-10684, March 1978)
7. Can't Help But Say (Columbia 3-10773, 1978)
8. In The Mood (Columbia 3-10904, March 1979)
9. Ain't Nothing I Can Do (Columbia 3-11035, 1979)
10. Be With Me (Columbia 3-11128, December 1979)
11. Heart Failure (Columbia 3-11246, 1980 [DJ-Only Issues])
12. Can't You Tell It's Me (Columbia 3-11199, 1980)
13. How Sweet It is (To Be Loved By You) (Columbia 3-11344, October 1980)
14. Just My Luck (Columbia 18-02269, 1981)

The 8-page booklet has detailed and informational liner notes by BILL FISHER and the music's been remastered by ROGER LOMAS at Ro-Lo Studios. The sound is rich and beautifully clear on the smoocher "Close To You" while the brass and strings on the disco dancer "This I Swear" are full of muscle and power. Great sound quality throughout...

Highlights for me are the smooth soul of "I Got Carried Away" which is so Philly in all the right ways (lyrics above), the sexy slink of "In The Mood" and the truly lovely balladry of "Heart Failure" - which inexplicably only ever made it only to a 7" Demo (never received a stock copy release). The sound quality on "Can't You Tell It's Me" is 'so' good - even if it does get a little cheesy in the spoken-word centre part. In fact, his vocal work throughout is wonderfully expressive and deep - it's easy to see why Tyrone Davis' chart career lasted so long and why his live shows were so well attended - even up to his untimely death in 2004. Such an underrated talent...

If you like your Seventies soul in the vein of The Dells, The Spinners and The O'Jays - with a little Ronn Matlock, Teddy Pendergrass and Prince Phillip Mitchell thrown in - then this rather sweet compilation is going to be a treat and a nice surprise. And with most of this music being released for the first time on CD after decades in the digital wilderness, SuperBird has done his legacy and memory proud.


PS: if you want to further Tyrone Davis soul - there's a superlative 2CD set called "Dakar A's & B's - The Hit Singles" on Demon MEDCD 742 - it was issued in 2004 and has 46 remastered tracks covering his stay at Dakar Records (an offshoot of Brunswick) between 1968 and 1976.

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