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“Centaur” by ORGONE BOX – A Review Of The 2013 CD and LP Featuring Rick Corcoran...

"…Find The One You Love…"

"Centaur" by ORGONE BOX

The first thing that hits you about ORGONE BOX is the sheer musicality of the tunes – part Seventies TODD RUNDGREN part BECK part BIG STAR part JIM WHITE and even THE BEATLES circa Peppers – and that’s an impressive line-up in any man’s book.

Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Rick Corcoran writes all the songs - and named after a device that captures energy - 1996 saw the debut album "The Orgone Box" released in Japan only (reissued elsewhere 2001). "Things That Happened Then" followed in 2002, "My Reply" in 2004 - and now a mere 9-year gap until this - "Centaur" – released December 2013 on Sugarbush Records.

It opens with the lush acoustic strums of "Anaesthesia" and its multi-layered chorus - "I'm not into psychedelia but I’ve a psychedelic mind…" The swirl of the vocals continues on "Mirrorball (What I Want To Feel)" which some added fuzz guitar that really works. "Ticket To Return" is bound to turn up in a movie soundtrack somewhere – superbly hooky and full of great lyrics about sisters worried about their nerdy brothers. But even better ends Side 1 – "Judy Over The Rainbow" – so “Revolver” in ways that Macca and Lennon would love.

Side 2 highlights feature more fuzz-swirling catchiness in the shape of "Wurld Revolz" while the acoustic strum of "Find The One" is an obvious single/radio play hit (lyrics from it title this review). There’s a gorgeous musicality to "Disposable" which will draw in Karl Wallinger/World Party fans. And it ends on the Beatlesque “Bubble” evoking the spirit of 1966 yet again to superb effect.

On the lovely “Wethouse” Corcoran sings “Loving me shouldn’t be hard to do…”

It isn’t. Fabulous stuff...and a wee bit of an undiscovered gem frankly…

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