Friday, 11 April 2014

"Tank Tracks" on CD by STALINS OF SOUND - A Review Of Their 2014 Album...

As the STALINS OF SOUND Lead Singer and Principal songwriter Hadi Fever screams "I cannot sleep!" throughout "Without Machine"  - you can't help but feel the band's lo-fi and short bursts of energy are what's keeping the poor boy up at night.

Their sound is BIG BLACK with Drum Machine backdrops - manic paced guitars behind DEVO-like Robotic vocals - grunge with synths. The title track is based on US Army Veteran Shawn Nelson's infamous stealing of a Patton Tank and his rumble in said machine down the motorways of San Diego in 1995. He trashed everything in sight before being shot dead by authorities (a suitably angry beat to reflect this).

"Monkey's Attack" rocks like - well like a mad monkey - while "Abominations Of Fire" smacks of too many nights drinking schnapps with Florian Schneider as he makes "Computer World".  The finishers "Truth To Power" and "Rules For Your Mouth" may appeal to those dig their Kraftwerk with a harder edge.

Not for the faint-heated - "Tank Tracks" is Noise-Punk for the liberal palette.
(Released May 2014 on Slovenly 702-144 - CD/LP/Download )

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