Thursday, 19 June 2014

“Deception” on BLU RAY – A Review

"...This Isn't A Negotiation..." – Deception on BLU RAY

Mild-mannered accountant Jonathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor) sits alone at his laptop in the plush boardroom of yet another New York high-rise mega-company doing employee audits. It’s 10:30 pm and he’s still working.

From out of nowhere – Jonathan is joined by the handsome and very slick Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman) – a lawyer who is clearly living a life poor McQuarry could only dream of. Bose feels sorry for the sad number cruncher - stays for a chat that soon becomes a shared spliff – joking about life (or the lack of it) as they watch the city go by on the streets down below. Next thing you know they’re playing tennis together – Jonathan sees Wyatt’s fabulous apartment – his uber babe lifestyle in city bars – his equally well-heeled work colleagues…

Then by accident at lunch in the park one afternoon – Jonathan mixes up his mobile with Wyatt’s – and that night while Wyatt is in London closing a business deal – he get’s a phonecall from a sexy female executive voice asking if "...he’s free tonight?" Jonathan soon works out that playboy Wyatt is part of a group of sex connoisseurs – powerful people enjoying anonymity and physical liaisons in plush hotels around New York because they’re on "The List". He takes a chance and soon he’s engaging in hot passion with gorgeous corporate women on "The List" who would never have looked at him twice.

But then one night in yet another hotel room - in walks a blonde girl he saw on the subway that he really liked (Michelle Williams) – and an immediate spark is lit between them. He doesn't want her to take clothes off - but talk - like normal human beings. But just as the relationships is moving away from call girl to partner – he wakes up in yet another strange room with one too many drinks taken and her naked body is missing – replaced with bloodied sheets. Then Wyatt suddenly turns up and he’s not the nice guy he once seemed. And on top of corporate blackmail - the woman Jonathan now loves - is in danger from this oily confidence man…

Directed by Marcel Laggenegger in 2008 - Mark Bomback’s razor-sharp script is brilliant – twisting and turning and constantly leading you astray. It’s helped by a trio of superbly chosen actors – McGregor as the put upon nobody who must become a somebody – Jackman as the smiling beguiling snake who knows how to press the emotional buttons in suckers – and Michelle Williams as the reluctant participant – caught up in something that gets out of hand – even murderous…

The BLU RAY picture quality is top notch – beautifully filmed to give it that silver-suit office slickness (Aspect Ratio 2.40:1). Extras include a feature length Commentary with the Director, a Making Of called “Exposing The Deception”, Deleted Scenes and a feature on the various nightclubs called “Club Sexy”. Audio is English 5.1 DTS and English 2.0 Dolby Digital - while the lone Subtitle is English SDH.

"Deception" on BLU RAY is a superb thriller with brains, cool, sexiness and angles you didn’t see coming. Play the game with this one…

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