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"Switch" by SWITCH - A Review Of Their 1978 Debut Album on Gordy and Tamla Motown - Now Remastered & Expanded by Big Break Records of England In 2014 onto CD...

“…We Like To Party…”

Soul and Funk band SWITCH managed 5 albums between 1978 and 1981 on Gordy (USA) and Tamla Motown (UK) – and this is their debut. Typically accomplished and polished Soul ala Kool & The Gang or The Commodores with songwriting involvement from Bobby DeBarge and Jermaine Jackson– it's a mixture of mid-paced steppers and classy smooth ballads recorded by seriously talented players. Here are the multi-instrumentalist details…

Released 25 August 2014 in the UK (7 October in the USA) – Big Break Records CDBBRX 0164 (Barcode 5013929046436) breaks downs as follows (40:04 mnutes):

1. I Wanna Be With You
2. There’ll Never Be
3. I Wanna Be Closer
4. We Like The Party…Come On!
5. Fever
6. You Pulled A Switch
7. It’s So Real
8. Somebody’s Watching You

Tracks 1 to 8 are the album “Switch” – released August 1978 in the USA on Gordy G7-980R1 and October 1978 in the UK on Tamla Motown STML 12096

9. There’ll Never Be (Single Version)
10. I Wanna Be Closer (Single Version)

Using the two bonuses and Tracks 6 and 8 - this release will allow fans to sequence their two US 7” singles as follows:
There’ll Never Be b/w You Pulled A Switch, June 1978 on Gordy G-7159F
I Wanna Be Closer b/w Somebody’s Watching You, December 1978 on Gordy G-7163F

The 16-page booklet has live photos of the band, rare picture sleeves, label facsimiles and liner notes by SHELLEY NICOLE (as well as album credits). But the big news as always is a KEVIN REEVES and NICK ROBBINS remaster from Universal tapes and it sounds just amazing – clear, punchy and full of life.

Highlights include “I Wanna Be Closer” – a great smoocher – and the floor-filling slap-bass funk of “We Like To Party…Come On!” where they sound like an energized Gap Band.

Another superb reissue from BBR and kicking where it matters – sound and presentation…

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