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"You Shook Me: The Chess Masters Volume 3, 1958 to 1963" by MUDDY WATERS - A Review Of The 2012 Hip-O Select 2CD Remasters - With 7" Singles and Album Discography...

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"...Take The Bitter With The Sweet..." 

Part 3 in Hip-O Select's ongoing reissue series - "You Shook Me: The Chess Masters Volume 3, 1958 to 1963" was USA released December 2012 as a 2CD set on Hip-O Select/Geffen/Chess/Universal B10017581-02 (Barcode 602537164653). Disc 1 has 26 tracks at 71:16 minutes - Disc 2 has 23 tracks at 73:03 minutes. In order to properly show what's on offer - I've provided a track-by-track Discography with song placements after each title - [16/1] is Track 16 on Disc 1 - [1/2] is Track 1 on Disc 2 etc. It breaks down as follows...

1. Chess 1718 (released 1959)
Mean Mistreater [3/1] b/w Walking Thru The Park [1/1]

2. Chess 1733 (released 1959)
Take The Bitter With The Sweet [7/1] b/w She's Into Something [8/1]

3. Chess 1739 (released 1959)
Recipe For Love [14/1] b/w Tell Me Baby [16/1]

4. Chess 1748 (released 1960)
I Feel So Good [11/1] b/w When I Get To Thinking [17/1]
(Note: In the booklet Track 13 "Love Affair" is mistakenly credited as being Chess 1748 also - when it's the A-side of Chess 1758)

5. Chess 1752 (released 1960)
I'm Your Doctor [21/1] b/w Read Way Back [20/1]

6. Chess 1758 (released 1960)
Love Affair [13/1] b/w Look What You've Done [on Volume 2 - see Notes]

7. Chess 1765 (released 1960)
Tiger In Your Tank [23/1] b/w Meanest Woman [25/1]

8. Chess 1774 (released 1960)
Got My Mojo Working [7/2] b/w Woman Wanted [19/1]
[Note: the A-side is live while the B-side is a non-album studio cut. The original 45 A-side is also a 2:40 minutes Edit of "Got My Mojo Working Part 1" from the live "Muddy Waters At Newport" LP. Unfortunately, this set doesn't include that edit as a separate track - instead 7/2 is the full album cut at 4:27 minutes]

9. Chess 1796 (released 1961)
Messin' With The Man [12/2] b/w Lonesome Bedroom Blues [11/2]
[Note: "Messin' With The Man" became "Messin' With The Kid" - the opening track on Rory Gallagher's superb 1972 album "Live! In Europe"]

10. Chess 1819 (released 1962)
Going Home [13/2] b/w Tough Times [16/2]

11. Chess 1827 (released 1962)
Muddy Waters Twist [15/2] b/w You Shook Me [17/2]
[Note: "You Shook Me" covered on by Led Zeppelin on their 1969 debut album "Led Zeppelin"]

12. Chess 1839 (released 1962)
You Need Love [18/2] b/w Little Brown Bird [19/2]
[Note" "You Need Love" morphed musically and lyrically into "Whole Lotta Love" on the "Led Zeppelin II" album - also uncredited as originally being written by Willie Dixon]

13. Chess 1862 (released 1963)
Five Long Years [21/2] b/w Twenty-Four Hours [23/2]

The following 5 x 7" singles were also released between 1958 and 1963 - but because they were recorded earlier - all but one of the ten tracks feature on Volume 2 in this series (released by Hip-O Select in the USA in December 2004 as "Hoochie Coochie Man").  "Love Affair" (on Chess 1758) is the track featured on this "Volume 3" set.

14. Chess 1680 (released 1958)
I Live The Life I Love (I Love The Life I Live) [13/2 on Volume 2] b/w Evil [18/2 on Volume 2]

15. Chess 1692 (released 1958)
I Won't Go On [21/2 on Volume 2] b/w She's Got It [22/2 on Volume 2]

16. Chess 1704 (released 1958)
Close To You [25/2 on Volume 2] b/w She's Nineteen Years Old [24/2 on Volume 2]

17. Chess 1724 (released 1959)
Ooh Wee [23/1 on Volume 2] b/w Clouds In My Heart [7/2 on Volume 2]

18. Chess 1758 (released 1960)
Love Affair [13/1 on Volume 3] b/w Look What You've Done [15/2 on Volume 2]

1. "Muddy Waters Sings Big Bill Broonzy"
Chess LP 1444 (released January 1960 in Mono)

Side 1:
Tell Me Baby [16/1]
Southbound Train [9/1]
When I Get To Thinking [17/1]
Just A Dream (On My Mind) [10/1]
Double Trouble [18/1]
Side 2:
I Feel So Good [11/1]
I Done Got Wise [15/1] [aka "Baby, I Done Got Wise"]
Mopper's Blues [6/1]
Lonesome Road Blues [5/1]
Hey, Hey [12/1]

2. "Muddy Waters At Newport"
Chess LP 1449 (released December 1960 in Mono, 2001 expanded CD remaster)

Side 1:
I Got My Brand On You (Live) [1/2]
I'm Your Hoochie Koochie Man (Live) [2/2] [aka "(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man"]
Baby, Please Don't Go (Live) [3/2]
Soon Forgotten (Live) [4/2]
Tiger In Your Tank (Live) [5/2] [aka "(I Wanna Put A) Tiger In Your Tank"]
Side 2:
I Feel So Good (Live) [6/2]
Got My Mojo Working (Live) [7/2]
Got My Mojo Working, Part 2 (Live) [8/2]
Goodbye Newport Blues (Live) [9/2]
[Note: "Goodbye Newport Blues" features OTIS SPANN on Lead Vocals and Piano]

The 2001 CD bonus tracks on MCA/Chess CD 088 112 515-2 [Mono Studio Tracks] are:
I Got My Brand On You [26/1] (Previously Unreleased - 1st issued here)
Soon Forgotten [24/1] (1st issued "One More Mile - Chess Collectables" 2CD set from 1994)
Tiger In Your Tank [23/1] (Chess 7" single 1765 A)
Meanest Woman [25/1] (Chess 7" single 1765 B)

3. "They Call Me Muddy Waters"
(Compilation LP released December 1970 in the USA on Chess CH-1553)
Crawlin' Kingsnake [4/1]

4. "Rare And Unissued"
(Compilation LP released 1984 in the USA on Chess CH-9180)
[mistakenly credited in booklet as Chess LP 2057]
Deep Down In My Heart [22/1]

5. "The Chess Box"
(Major retrospective 6LP (CH6-80002) and 3CD Box Set (CHD3-80002) released October 1989)
Blues Before Sunrise [2/1]

6. "You Shook Me - The Chess Masters Vol. 3, 1958-1963"
Hip-O Select/Geffen/Chess/Universal B10017581-02 (released December 2012)
Real Love [10/2] (Previously Unreleased In The USA)
Down By The Deep Blue Sea [14/2] (Previously Unreleased In The USA)
Sweet Black Angel (aka Black Angel Blues (Instrumental) [20/2] (Previously Unreleased)
Brown Skin Woman [22/2] (Previously Unreleased In The USA)

The 3-way card digipak has a textured feel and is a lot less elaborate than its Volume 2 predecessor (book form 2CD set). And while the 28-page booklet has pretty colour photos and July 2012 liner notes by MARY KATHERINE ALDIN - it feels way too slight for such an important release and artist of this stature. Having said that the set's been compiled by great names like ANDY McKAIE and remastered/restored by one of Universal's top engineers - ERICK LABSON - a man with well over 1,100 tape transfer credits to his name (inlcuding most of the huge Chess Records catalogue). It sounds wonderful - clean, full of presence and not too trebled for the sake of it.

As you can see from the Discography provided above - musically you get two whole albums worth - a raft of non-album single sides - and the many straggler tracks issued since the Sixties on albums and CD retrospectives down through the decades. Muddy's band reads like a who's who of Blues luminaries - Little Walter on incenduary Harmonica, Otis Spann his long-time piano-playing sidekick, Jimmy Rogers provided tasty Guitar, the legendary Willie Dixon on Upright Bass and many more... And of the 4 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tracks surfacing here - "Sweet Black Angel" and "Brown Skin Woman" are the best.

I can only hope Hip-O Select up the packaging and presentation for Volume 4 - if ever a master of the genre deserved it - then Morgan McKinleyfield is that Mojo man...

HIP-O SELECT CD compilations for MUDDY WATERS to date (2014):
1. "Rollin' Stone: The Golden Anniversary Collection"
(June 2000 USA 2CD Set on Hip-O Select/Chess CHD-112301)
(Volume 1 - covers 1947 to 1952 on the Aristocrat and Chess labels)

2. "Hoochie Coochie Man - The Complete Chess Masters Volume 2, 1952-1958"
(December 2004 USA 2CD BOOK PACK on Hip-O Select/Chess B0002758-02) [SEE REVIEW]

3. "You Shook Me - The Chess Masters Vol. 3, 1958-1963"

(December 2012 USA 2CD set on Hip-O Select/Geffen/Chess/Universal B10017581-02)

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