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"The Move" by THE MOVE (2016 Esoteric Recordings 'Standard Edition' MONO 1CD - Ben Wiseman and Rob Keyloch Remaster) - A Review by Mark Barry...

"…Mist On A Monday Morning…" 

In 2007 and 2008 - Salvo of the UK reissued The Move’s first three albums - "The Move" (April 1968), "Shazam" (March 1970) and "Looking On" (October 1970) with great sound and half-decent extras. Their debut was even given a 2CD variant.

Now it's the turn of Esoteric Recordings (part of England's Cherry Red) to have a go – this time concentrating on the rare MONO mix of the debut album "The Move" – newly remastered from original first generation tapes. And this reissue throws in five relevant bonus tracks into the bargain (4 single sides and one withdrawn B-side/outtake). Here are the 'Flowers In The Rain' details...

UK released Friday, 29 April 2016 (6 May 2016 in the USA) - "The Move" by THE MOVE on Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2537 (Barcode 5013929463745) is an 'Expanded Edition' Single CD Remaster of the 'MONO' LP with five Bonus Tracks (Standard Edition). It plays out as follows (49:45 minutes):

1. Yellow Rainbow
2. Kilroy Was Here
3. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
4. Weekend
5. Walk Upon The Water
6. Flowers In The Rain
7. Hey Grandma
8. Useless Information
9. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
10. The Girl Outside
11. Fire Brigade
12. Mist On A Monday Morning
13. Cherry Blossom Clinic
Tracks 1 to 13 are their debut album "The Move" – released April 1968 on Regal Zonophone LRZ 1002 (Mono) and Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1002 (Stereo). This CD remasters only the 'MONO' mix.

14. Night Of Fear
15. Disturbance
Tracks 14 and 15 are the Mono A&B-sides of a UK 7" single released December 1966 on Deram DM 109

16. I Can Hear The Grass Grow
17. Wave The Flag And Stop The Train
Tracks 16 and 17 are the Mono A&B-sides of a UK 7" single released March 1967 on Deram DM 117

18. Vote For Me
Track 18 was recorded at Advision Studios in April 1967 and was meant to be the non-album B-side of a UK Regal Zonophone 7" single with "Cherry Blossom Clinic" on the A-side (no catalogue number allocated). The single was withdrawn. It first appeared as a rarity on CD in 1998 on the "Movements: 30th Anniversary Anthology" 3-Disc set on Westside WESX 302.

NOTE: there is also a April 2016 3CD 'Deluxe Edition' of "The Move" on Esoteric ECLEC 32536 (Barcode 5013929463646)

ROY WOOD – Guitar and Vocals
TREVOR BURTON – Guitar and Vocals
CHRIS "Ace" KEFFORD – Bass and Vocals
BEV BEVAN – Drums, Percussion and Vocals

ROB KEYLOCH transferred the tapes and BEN WISEMAN did the 24-Bit Digital Remaster at Broadlake Studios - and a brill job has been done - definite improvement. When I play Disc 1 of my old Salvo issue – the Mono is good – but here there's clarity and most especially - a singular punch as each song plays. When you first spin "Yellow Rainbow" - the manic opening is a barrage of backwards tapes and double-tracked voices – but now I can that sitar-sounding guitar way back in the mix (it's more prevalent somehow). The solar plexus kick from "Kilroy Was Here" is huge – those drums and tambourine-rattles threatening my speakers with a rowdy-boy attitude. Tracks like their speeded-up cover of Eddie Cochran's "Weekend" and the 'watch their minds drift away' druggy feel to "Walk Upon The Water" all sound better too. By the time you get to the pied-piper clavinet and cellos of the hugely 60ts atmospheric "Mist On A Monday Morning" – you’re won over – all instruments to the fore and beautifully clear.

I had the five extras on other reissues – but they bolster up this 2016 CD newbee with the right kind of stuff. "Night Of Fear" was always such a crude recording to me – that grungy guitar sound and heavy bass thump. But both it and "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" have huge kahunas here – those drum rolls jumping out of my speakers. The Kinks or The Who would have been proud of the withdrawn flipside "Vote For Me" - and its aggressiveness matches the photos in the booklet of the band wrecking things on stage (naughty boys).

Fans might ask what's the point? If you already own the Salvo double – then why buy this or even release it? I suspect that Esoteric have sourced a better tape than Salvo used – although I could stand corrected on that. But if you're all about the best sound – then I think this singular CD remaster is going to have to be in your bank-holiday basket right away. 

Or if your wallet can take it - go for the 3CD 'Deluxe Edition' (Barcode number supplied above) which comes armed with the 'Stereo' mix and a huge wad of extras including some Previously Unreleased...

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Ben Walker said...

Thanks for the review man!

Esoteric didn't have access to a better tape than the Salvo (they used the same A-D transfers done in 2007) but there's a good chance that their mastering is much better than the digital noise reduction mess on the Salvo CD.

Fingers crossed my copy of the 3-cd set should be here by friday, I can't wait to compare!

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