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"You're Gonna Get! It!" by TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS (2002 Gone Gator/Warner Brothers CD – Joe Gastwirt Remaster) - A Review by Mark Barry...

"...Please Stand By Me..." 

Tom Petty’s astonishing self-titled debut album was released November 1976 in the USA (40 years ago this year) – but would take until September of 1977 to register with the buying public. Even then it only managed No. 55 on the US LP charts despite its now iconic status as a genuine 70ts Rock Classic. But for my money his better-recorded and ludicrously hooky follow-up "You're Gonna Get It!" from two years later has always been an equal-to unsung hero for me – the sort of album that got lost – especially in good old Blighty which was in the throws of Punk and all things 'New Wave'.

Which brings us to this rather excellent - if not a little threadbare - 2002 CD reissue/remaster - finally ridding us of a naff 80ts MCA CD with the all the aural and aesthetic appeal of a gone-off banana. Here are the details you need to know...

UK and Europe released May 2002 - "You’re Gonna Get It!" by TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS on Gone Gator/Warner Brothers 8122-78178-2 (Barcode 081227817824) is a straightforward CD transfer of the original LP and plays out as follows (29:30 minutes):

1. When The Time Comes
2. You're Gonna Get It
3. Hurt
4. Magnolia
5. Too Much Ain't Enough
6. I Need To Know [Side 2]
7. Listen To Her Heart
8. No Second Thoughts
9. Restless
10. Baby's A Rock 'n' Roller
Tracks 1 to 10 are his second studio album "You’re Gonna Get It!" - released May 1978 in the USA on Shelter/ABC DA-52029 and in the UK on Island/Shelter ISA 5017. DENNY CORDELL, NOAH SHARK and TOM PETTY produced. The album reached No. 22 in the States and No. 34 in the UK.

TOM PETTY – Lead Vocals, 6 and 12-string Guitars and Piano
MIKE CAMPBELL – 6 and 12-string Guitars (Solos)
BENMONT TENCH – Piano, Organ and Vocals
RON BLAIR - Bass and Acoustic Guitar
STAN LYNCH - Drums and Vocals

GREGG GELLER has produced the reissue and the gatefold slip of paper that passed as the MCA inlay is now upgraded to a 16-page booklet with new liner notes from BILL FLANAGAN. Inside are details of how 1974's Mudcrutch from Gainesville, Florida (Petty's original band) became 1976's Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers with a new sound, new songs and a razor's edge. There's also discussion as to why Radio didn't take to the new record like they did the old - angry lyrics, drug references and heavier riffs. The booklet provides lyrics for the first time (didn't come with the original LP) with its Inner Sleeve is reproduced in varying places and there are period photos followed finally by detailed recording/CD reissue details.

But the big news for all fans is new JOE GASTWIRT Remasters carried out at OceanView Mastering in California. This CD sounds awesome - full and punchy - alive without being too over-trebled - I love it. The guitars - the drums - the overall aural wallop is something to behold (as it is with the debut album "Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers" - also released in a 2002 Gastwirt Remaster – see review).

Compared to the rough and tumble of the debut two years earlier - right from the off you can so hear how the Production values were upped dramatically. Each of the predominantly rocking tunes packs a huge sonic punch and the remaster accentuates that big time. Side 1 opens with the brilliant almost Byrds-jangle of "When The Time Comes" - and man can you hear those chugging guitars and that keyboard underpinning. "You're Gonna Get It" feels like a track from his 1982 LP "Long After Dark" - lyrically hard-hitting but with that great hooky riff. As "Hurt" floats in on a sea of pings, acoustic strums and drum beats - it then goes into a tremendous guitar jangle. But that's nothing to the clarity on "Magnolia" which sounds amazing - a song about a girl he never did give his name too - but her ways stayed within memory. Side One ends on the fantastic rolling slide of "Too Much Ain't Enough" - an out-and-out rocker that jabs at a precocious someone who just can't be pleased.

Side 2 opens with the fantastic rocker "I Need To Know" - an irresistible chuck of riffage complete with an economic Chuck Berry-like solo. Perhaps the most Byrds jangle on the album and probably most people's go-to track - "Listen To Her Heart" is fabulous Petty and The Heartbreakers. The lyrics "...You think you're gonna take her away with your money and cocaine..." probably kept this - the album's most catchy song - off A&M Radio and lost the whole album momentum. The acoustic moment arrives in the tabla and 12-string shuffle of "No Second Thoughts" - a song I've always found strangely positive even though it takes about darkness. The LP ends on two punchy neck-jerking rockers - "Restless" and "Baby's A Rock 'n' Roller" - although I wished he hadn't featured that false audience noise all the way through "Baby's..." Other than that - the whole album is satisfying. And from here it would be through to the breakthrough record "Damn The Torpedoes" in 1979.

I played this 1978 album side-to-side when I lived in bedsits back in the day and loved every satisfying inch of it. Petty's "You're Gonna Get It" is one of 'the' great lost-albums of the 70ts in my books - and presently selling for fewer than six miserly squid - this brill 2002 remaster is the one to own.

"When The Time Comes" - TP sings on the opening song. I'd argue it has...

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