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"One More Song/Randy Meisner" by RANDY MEISNER [ex Poco/Eagles] (June 2018 Beat Goes On Reissue - 2LPs onto 1CD Remaster) - A Review by Mark Barry...

"...Trouble Ahead..."

Originally to be UK released 2 Dec 2016 but delayed 'indefinitely' - "One More Song/Randy Meisner" featuring two of the ex Poco/Eagles songwriter's LPs from 1980 and 1982 finally gets Remastered onto 1CD and an airing in 2018. Here come the Hearts On Fire...

UK released 8 June 2018 - "One More Song/Randy Meisner" by RANDY MEISNER on Beat Goes On BGOCD 1265 (Barcode 5017261212658) offers two albums Remastered onto 1 CD and plays out as follows (72:43 minutes):

1. Hearts On Fire [Side 1]
2. Gotta Get Away
3. Come Back To Me
4. Deep Inside My Heart
5. I Need You Bad [Side 2]
6. One More Song
7. Trouble Ahead
8. White Shoes
9. Anyway Bye Bye
Tracks 1 to 9 are his 2nd solo album "One More Song" - released November 1980 in the USA on Epic JE 36748 and in the UK on Epic EPC 84531. Produced by VAL GARAY - it peaked at No. 50 on the US LP charts (didn't chart UK).

10. Never Been In Love [Side 1]
11. Darkness Of The Heart
12. Jealousy
13. Tonight
14. Playin' In The Deep End [Side 2]
15. Strangers
16. Still Runnin'
17. Nothing Is Said ('Til The Artist Is Dead)
18. Doin' It For Delilah
Tracks 10 to 18 are his 3rd solo album "Randy Meisner" - released August 1982 in the USA on Epic FE 38121 and in the UK on Epic EPC 85913. Produced by MIKE FLICKER - it peaked at No. 94 in the US LP charts (didn't chart UK).

The outer card slipcase and 24-page inlay (with lyrics, photos and new notes from noted writer JOHN TOBLER) lend this reissue the usual BGO classy look - while the new 2018 ANDREW THOMPSON Remasters amp up those Eighties sounds (licensed from Sony).

I had these vinyl albums back on Epic Records in the day (during my Eagles obsessions) and remember them as being patchy. Some famous guests include Kim Carnes singing backing vocals on "Deep Inside My Heart" - Don Henley and Glenn Frey of The Eagles sing backing vocals on "One More Song" – Craig Hull of The Hate Boys plays all guitars.

On the self-titled third LP there are even more - Brian Smith of Trooper who plays Guitar on "Never Been In Love", "Darkness Of The Heart" and "Tonight" - Dixon House of The Dixon House Band plays Piano, Organ and Backing Vocals on all songs - Nicky Hopkins plays Piano on "Jealousy", "Doin' It For Delilah" and "Still Runnin'" - Ann Wilson of Heart sings Lead Duet Vocals on "Strangers" while Nancy Wilson of Heart sings Backing Vocals on "Strangers", "Tonight", "Never Been In Love" and "Playin' In The Deep End" - Tower Of Power horns on "Jealousy", "Playin' In The Deep End" and "Doin' It For Delilah".

So not a lot's changed musically (some good, some badly dated) - but the Audio offered here is a winner and fans who've been waiting years for affordable versions of these forgotten platters will love this CD...

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