Wednesday, 3 September 2008

"Evil Woman" or "Saving Silverman" on DVD. A Review Of The Film With Two Names.

"Don't Make Me Take Away Your Masturbation Privileges!!"

Called "Saving Silverman" in the USA (Region 1) and "Evil Woman" in Europe (Region 2) - this is the kind of nerdy boy/girl gigglefest the Hollywood machine churns out for the Multiplex/Farrelly Brothers marketplace. So why should you bother with it all? Because it's so much better than that. It really is...

From start to finish - this is consistently funny with 4 great leads working with genuinely witty one-liners and ball-breakingly funny scenes. The three boys all went on to be huge of course, and Amanda Peet has some fantastic lines as the controlling monster girl from Hell (including the title of this review). She went on to put in fantastic work on Aaron Sorkin's TV series "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip". Throw in Neil Diamond in a fab cameo and you have a comedic peach that slipped through the net.

When I think of the number of films that I'm told are funny as opposed to this one that actually is - I wonder why it's gone unnoticed - or why someone decided to give it such a crap name and sleeve here in the UK - both guaranteed to make you ignore it.

Hire it - or buy it for cheap - it's great fun. I highly recommend it as a wet-afternoon pick-me-up.

If you liked this - try also "Death To Smoochy" starring Robin Williams and Edward Norton - another irreverent peach that passed most by.

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