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"Love City" by RONN MATLOCK - A Review Of His Superb 1979 US Soul Album On Cotillion - Now Remastered & Expanded By Rhino In 2007

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Released on Cotillion SD 5213 in August 1979 in the USA only (Cotillion is an Atlantic subsidiary), Ronn Matlock's sole album is the very definition of those overused words "forgotten masterpiece".

Originally produced by the legendary MICHAEL STOKES, all tracks are self-penned and this superlative CD is remastered to perfection by Rhino's tape maestro BILL INGLOT in 2007. The 8-track album is supplemented by two bonus tracks, the edited single mono mixes of the album's only single Cotillion 45002 released in September 1979 - "Let Me Dance" b/w "You Got The Best Of Me".

Stylistically, think CHIC meets TEDDY PENDERGRASS meets EARTH, WIND & FIRE meets BROOK BENTON meets orchestral BARRY WHITE - but even better! Then there's his lovely tonal silky voice - sweet as a nut.

If you want real convincing, check out a 25-second snippet on iTunes of "Love City" and "Back Street" for irresistible funky floor fillers and "I Can't Forget About You" and "Take Me To The Top (Of Your Mountain)" for that slinky bedroom shagpad moment! None of it has dated - and every track is a real find for lovers of funky soul, disco and rare groove.

"Love City" is an absolute peach of an album - and as it 'never' received an official UK release, it's been a hugely collectable and expensive 'piece' on this side of the pond for nearly 30 years now.

Another top job done by RHINO - and a cleverly chosen title for reissue.

PS: This release is part of Rhino's "CLASSIC SOUL ALBUM - REMASTERED & EXPANDED" Series.
Most titles are first time onto CD and are rare soul albums from the Warner/Atlantic/Cotillio/Elektra vaults.
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