Thursday, 4 September 2008

"We'll Get Over" by THE STAPLE SINGERS. Their 2nd Album For Stax Records Is An Overlooked Late 6Ts Soul Gem.

"We'll Get Over" was the 2nd album for the Staples on Stax Records in 1969. It was also moving ever closer to the soul/religious/commentary masterworks they were to later produce; "Staple Swingers", "Be Altitude: Respect Yourself", "Be What You Are" and "City In The Sky". This remaster actually dates from 1994 (re-issued a few times) and is housed in a digipak replica of the album sleeve. The sound is punchy and live, if not a little too hissy in places. The Staples are supplemented by Steve Cropper on guitar, Marvell Thomas on keyboards, Donald "Duck" Dunn on bass and Al Jackson Jr on drums - most of Booker T. & The MG's. Steve Copper also produced.

The track list breakdown is as follows:

1. We'll Get Over (written by Homer Banks, Bettye Crutcher and Raymond Jackson - Stax song team often referred to as "We Three")
2. Give A Damn (a Spanky & Our Gang cover version)
3. Everyday People (A Sly & The Family Stone cover version)
4. Tend To Your Own Business (the only track on the album by the Staples themselves)
5. Solon Bushi (a Traditional Japanese Folk song cover version)
6. Challenge (as per track 1)
7. God Bless The Child (Billie Holiday cover version)
8. Games People Play (a Joe South cover version)
9. A Wednesday In Your Garden (a Guess Who cover version, written by Randy Bachman later of Bachman Turner Overdrive)
10. The Gardener (as per track 1)
11. When Will We Be Paid (For The Work We've Done) (written by Stewart and Randall)

12. Brand New Day (written by Al Kooper of Blood, Sweat & Tears for the United Artists movie "The Landlord", Stax 7" single 0074, 1970)
13. Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas (Parker and Deanie cover) (Stax 7" single 0084, 1970)

Tracks 12 and 13 are bonus tracks

As you can see, the album is top heavy with cover versions, but don't let that put you off - it's still that magical Staples sound - and songs chosen to convey their message of positivity and love.

A great album - their entire Stax catalogue is fab frankly - and for me - never dates. Investigate & enjoy.

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