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"Anuvahood" On BLU RAY – A Review Of The 2011 Adam Deacon Film

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"…You Feel Me Blood…" – Anuvahood on BLU RAY

If you’re not British - or at least versed in some kind of London street talk – you’re probably going to need a translator standing beside you to navigate through Adam Deacon’s fantastic  "Anuvahood". 
But your educated guy may be laughing so hard – you’ll probably need to ask that poor Eton sucker to sit down before he does himself an injury. "Anuvahood" is funny – I mean balls-to-the-wall and laugh-out-loud FUNNY – and it takes no prisoners when it’s being harsh or hard. The laughs aren’t forced either - but born out of real stuff and real people and life as it is. 

Wannabe London rapper Kenneth (Adam Deacon) who insists on being called "K" has written his mix CD "Feel The Pain" and stuck it in the local Record Shop (who aren’t interested) while he tries in vain to hold down a menial job in the local "Laimsbury's" (pun intended on Sainsbury's) despite the slagging of the motor-mouth Manager. But most of the time "K" is hanging out with his reluctant crew of Black, Asian and Chinese punks on the benches of his estate (Omar, Bookie and a new Spanish recruit Enrique) – talking the talk at one hundred miles an hour.

"K" endlessly brags about becoming "big things" in the Music World and being the 'main man' on the Estate - talking back to himself in the bedroom-mirror of his council-flat like he's The Asian Tony Soprano. Downstairs his drippy Dad (makes Spitfire Models and gets excited by Spaghetti Hoops) and his less-than-enamoured mouthy Mum are hours away from having their all their possessions taken away unless "K" comes up with promised money (great work by Linda Robson and Richard Blackwood). Even his kid brother and sister of 6 and 7 think "K" is "a waste of space" and a "Dickhead". Meanwhile out in the courtyard of the housing blocks the local muscle-bound bully Tyrone ("On The Throne") acts like a Lenny Henry/Mike Tyson combo on Speed – giggling and delighting in humiliating and robbing the kids of their mobiles, money, translation books and anything else that matters (a stunning turn by Richie Campbell - the face to the left of the BLU RAY box - Deacon to the right).

The dialogue is so rapid and so funny that it’s hard at times to keep up – and the set pieces where they hopelessly try to chat up hotties or sell Skank to the local nutjobs will have you screaming with laughter – our boys all reversed baseball caps, brand sneakers, bling chains and Nike stripes shaved into their hair. They gyrate and bob and weave and everyone is "for real blood", "are you feeling me fam", "fix me up bro" and "she is the ping!" There are of course plenty of other phrases and words that aren’t quite an evening out with The Oxford/Cambridge University Debating Society. And this is a world where the women are stronger and smarter than the men – and hookers get punched out by vexed girlfriends who find them on the job with their 'man' doing naughty things with Baby Oil and HP Sauce.

Written by ADAM DEACON and MICHEAL WU – "Anuvahood" comes at you like a hurricane - always with close-ups on sweaty faces with bulging veins and mad haircuts and clipped eyebrows and gold earrings – all trying to look like their James Cagney in Islington. And the dialogue is literally amazing. There must have a huge amount of improvisation to get it this fresh – and it’s why the film feels so earthed in reality.

The BLU RAY picture is defaulted to Full Screen and looks amazing. Rap tunes by Tinie Tempah, Boy Better Know, Wiley and Dizzee Rascal punctuate the film and there’s great “Making Of” Extras including West End Premier footage, the "Hype Hype Thing" video by Boy Better Know and Deleted Scenes. The lone subtitle is English For The Hard Of Hearing (can you imagine translating this into other languages).

Directed by ADAM DEACON and DANIEL TOLAND - this funky little British movie seemed to come out of nowhere in 2011 – fresh, loud and as snotty as a thieving hoodie in the men’s grooming department of Tescos.

Get this brilliant London "Boyz N The Hood" parody into your life as soon as possible and "smash it up my guy". You know I'm talking 'bout you bro… 

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