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"Frequency" - A Review Of The 2000 Movie Reissued On A New Line Home Entertainment American REGION FREE BLU RAY

Here is a link to Amazon UK to buy this US BLU RAY at the beswt price:

"...Picking Up Signals..." 

I bought the American BLU RAY of "Frequency" on New Line Home Entertainment because I've always loved this 'talking to my Dad 30 years ago' Fireman movie with a passion.

Directed by GREGORY HOBLIT and written by TOBY EMMERICH (older brother of the respected actor NOAH EMMERICH – see below) - "Frequency" has built up a bit of a cult fan base since its 2000 release. I’ve had it on many 'Slipped Through The Net' Amazon lists for years.

It's the night of 10 October 1969 – the Baseball World Series will be played out on television sets across American Homes the following day. But that night the atmospheric dance that is the Northern Lights of The Aurora Borealis is doing strange things to the skies over Brooklyn. It’s even messing with the airwaves.

Lighting a cigarette - Frank Sullivan (Dennis Quaid) looks up at the phenomenon and smiles. Frank is a hero father and all round good egg - a fireman that fights the blue beast with courage by day, rides his Harley home afterwards and plays catch with his 'chief' son of 6 on the sidewalk outside their home at night. Until 11 October 1969 - when Frank enters a warehouse down by the docks and in trying to rescue a woman on the top floor – takes a wrong turn to get out of the building. Neither makes it and The New York Post sadly reports the death of another true blue who didn’t make it…

Cue to 30 years later in October 1999 and Jim Caviezel is John Sullivan – his 'chief' all grown up – a cop who is boozing, losing his wife and still hurting over his Dad’s loss. His buddies since childhood on the Force Satch and Gordo (Andre Braugher and Noah Emmerich) are worried about him. Gordo (the excellent Noah Emmerich - Jim Carrey’s Sea Haven mate in “The Truman Shoe”) drops by with his son for a chat and to share a Brewsky. But his bored young son (an early part for Michael Cera) finds an NYFD Radio Transmitter in a locked box hidden in a cupboard that everyone’s forgotten about. The device is old school with glowing valves – and you need a licence just to use it. John gets it working – but when no one is in the house and through the crackles – John hears a man’s voice – his Dad Frank from 30 years back.

Disbelieving at first - John then begins to realize the potential of the situation and tells Dad how to save his life, which will end the next day (in his time). Dad does just that and John’s future changes accordingly. Frank hasn’t died in 1969 but in 1989 from lung cancer. But now a serial killer called "Nightingale" who targets nurses has also lived and killed 15 women instead of 3 – one of which is John’s Nurse mum Julia (Elizabeth Mitchell from “Lost” and “Revolution”). Now both father in 1969 and son in 1999 are locked into a cat and mouse game with this monster to ‘alter’ that list. And on it goes to a genius ending that is wholly satisfying…

Special features include:
1. Commentary by Director Gregory Hoblit
2. Commentary by Writer/Producer Toby Emmerich and Actor Noah Emmerich
3. The Science And Technology Behind Frequency
4. 4-Animated Solar Galleries
5. Music Only Track with Commentary by Composer Michael Kamen
6. Deleted Scenes
7. Theatrical Trailer

The picture is 1080p High Def with an Aspect Ratio of 2.4:1 (16 x 9) so it stretches to the full screen and looks great – rich colours and hues – even in a lot of the darker night sequences. Subtitles are English SDH and Spanish only.

There are times when you can’t quite nail why a movie gets to you so much – or why you hold it in such affection. Perhaps it’s the father and son thing – the good guy wins – the pig gets his comeuppance – or perhaps it’s just the sheer likeability of the lead actors given great material to work with.

Whatever way you look at it – "Frequency" on an American BLU RAY is a winner. Great movie, top extras, nicely rendered and reasonably priced into the bargain.

Let "Frequency" burn its cosmic greatness into the table of your viewing lounge real soon...

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