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“Searching For Sugar Man” by RODRIGUEZ. A Review Of The BLU RAY…

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"…I Think Of You…"

In some respects to review the fantastic documentary film “Searching For Sugar Man” is to ruin it.
But here’s the 'some-info' version minus spoilers…

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez (pronounced Sees-Toe) was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1942 to recently emigrated Mexican parents. From the early to late Sixties, Motown had put the Motor City on the musical map – so emerging singer-songwriters cut their teeth in bars and cafes, soaked up the campus/street politics and hoped to get noticed. After an early 7” single in 1967 on Impact that folded without trace - enter Producer Dennis Coffey and Sussex Records (home of Bill Withers). His debut American album “Cold Fact” was born (March 1970 on Sussex SXBS 7000) followed the next year by “Coming From Reality” (November 1971 on Sussex SXBS 7012). But despite their musical quality – few noticed locally. Legend in fact has it that “Coming From Reality” sold less than 20 copies.

Cut to the other side of the world – South Africa – and young black and white kids are plagued by Apartheid. With lyrics like “drinking from a Judas cup…papa don’t like new ideas round here…” or “I wonder will this hatred ever end?” – they pick up on the Arthur Lee melodies and the Bob Dylan protest lyrics and the soulful Jose Feliciano voice and the album becomes a huge hit over there. So Rodriguez tours and those shows are emblazoned into the memory. But then the mysterious American immigrant troubadour disappears…some even ruminating that he’s dead – or never existed at all.

Cut to decades later and a South African secondhand record-store owner wonders what happened to this huge and positive influence in his life? And so the journey begins…searching for the sugar man…

As a cartoon figure wanders across the dirty city streets of a cold Detroit with a guitar case strapped over his shoulder - you listen to tracks like “Crucify Your Mind” and “Inner City Blues” – and you wonder how in God’s name you’ve never heard this great music before. Politics, Mafia swindles, radio indifference – all of it probably. But it’s what happens next that makes you double take and grin from ear to ear all the way to the joyous end…

I urge you to buy either of the stunning Light in The Attic CD/LP remasters of both albums (“Cold Fact” on LITA 036 or “Coming From Reality” on LITA 038). The “Coming From Reality” album has “I Think Of You” - as lovely a melody as you’ve ever heard. The album finisher “Cause” has stunning lyrics – “Cause I lost my job two weeks before Christmas – and I talked to Jesus at the sewer – and the Pope said it was none of his Goddamn business…” The CD reissue even has three tracks from his aborted 3rd album – “Can’t Get Away” showing how well his songwriting had progressed. After them make a beeline to this wonderful BLU RAY.

To sum up - you know the way you look at hundreds of 5-Star reviews and wonder what all the love is about – don’t.

They’re all right…

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