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“The Giant Mechanical Man” or “Love In Detroit (Karlek I Detroit)" on DVD and BLU RAY. A Review Of The Lee Kirk 2012 Film…

Here is a link to the BLU RAY on Amazon UK for the best price:

“…Love And Hopeful Things…” 

A few words about this overlooked nugget of a film that seems to have unwisely slipped everyone by.

Written and Directed by LEE KIRK in 2012 - its original title was "The Giant Mechanical Man" - which was quickly followed by its less difficult but more commercially feasible name - "Love In Detroit". To confuse matters even more - it appears to be only available to UK buyers as an ‘import’ DVD and BLU RAY that goes under the name of "Karlek I Detroit" because its issued in DENMARK (or SWEDEN?).

I’m sensing that the sellers of this lovely movie bottled out of the quirky original title and opted for the horrid and cheesy "Love In Detroit" instead - also elevating the prettier Malin Akerman to the top of the cover (the blond) when she really only has a back part in the story (the original poster only includes the two principal leads at a bar).

Janice is a young slightly kooky temp (Jenna Fisher of the American TV series “The Office”) who can’t seem to hold down a job. One day on the train platform she spots a street mime artist that she somehow connects with. Tim is kind of hard not to miss - because he stands nearly ten feet tall and is painted head to toe in silver (Chris Messina of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” – he plays Jane Fonda’s son in the show Reese Lansing). Tim doesn’t engage with passers-by (except maybe a TV crew who spot an interesting morning segment). Feeling low – she engages in conversation with the still silver giant whom of course doesn’t flinch a muscle in keeping with his street art. But Tim has noticed Janice…

Tim’s pretty but ambitious girlfriend (Lucy Punch) has had enough of Tim’s art-for-the-people dreams - as has her brother (a fantastic turn by Bob Odenkirk – Let’s Call Saul in “Breaking Bad”). He needs a job – so he gets one at a Zoo when he meets Janice. Without his make-up - they slowly and awkwardly edge towards each other (without her knowing of his alter ego). Thrown into the mix to tempt weak-kneed Janice is Topher Grace as a longhaired self-help book-selling twat. Will Janice be able to fend off her pushy sister’s interventions (Malin Akerman) in her hopeless love life? Will she stop dreaming of her teeth falling out? Will the two society misfits make it in a sometimes cold and meddlesome world?

The DVD is Region 2 so if you live in the States - check compatibility (if you live in the UK or Europe - there's no issues). 

The BLU RAY is REGION FREE so will play everywhere. It's defaulted to 1:85 (16 x 9) Anamorphic which is FULL ASPECT - so there's no bars top or bottom. And more importantly - the picture quality is gorgeous – a beautifully filmed piece of work. 

Subtitles are English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. I also think the "Love In Detroit" BLU RAY sleeve that is pictured on the Net and Amazon is a mock up that never appeared - it doesn't exist except with "Karlek I Detroit" on the sleeve.

A fabulous and genuinely touching film - “The Giant Mechanical Man” also uses locations in the presently much-maligned and bankrupt city of Detroit to amazing effect.

Give this gem a chance – I liked it so much – I had to buy it. I find hopeful and lovely things are like that…

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