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ASYLUM RECORDS - UK LP and 7” Single DISCOGRAPHY - ”SYL/SYLA” Series 1972-1976...

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ASYLUM Records Label
UK LP and 7” Single DISCOGRAPHY - ”SYL/SYLA” Series 1972-1976
(SYL are single sleeve covers: SYLA are gatefold sleeves)

1. Asylum SYL 9001 - “Stories” by DAVID BLUE (March 1972)
Side 1: Looking For A Friend; Sister Rose; Another One Like Me; House Of Changing Faces
Side 2: Marianne; Fire In The Morning; Come On John; The Blues (All Night Long)
UK 7” single off the album was “Looking For A Friend” b/w “Come On John” on Asylum AYM 504 in March 1972

2. Asylum SYLA 8751 - “Judee Sill” by JUDEE SILL (March 1972)
Side 1: Crayon Angels; The Phantom Cowboy; The Archetypal Man; The Lamb Ran Away With The Crown; Lady-O; Jesus Was A Cross Maker
Side 2: Ridge Rider; My Man On Love; Lopin’ Along Thru The Cosmos; Enchanted Sky Machines; Abracadabra
1st UK 7” single off the album was “Jesus Was A Cross Maker” b/w “The Phantom Cowboy” issued on Asylum AYM 502 in March 1972
2nd UK 7” single off the album was “Enchanted Sky Machines” b/w “My Man On Love” on Asylum AYM 509 in ???? 1972

3. Asylum SYL 9002 - “Jackson Browne” by JACKSON BROWNE (April 1972)
[aka “Saturate Before Use” after the words on the front album sleeve; the British label however credits the LP as “Jackson Browne”; it’s his debut album]
Side 1: Jamaica, Say You Will; A Child In These Hills; Song For Adam, Doctor, My Eyes; From Silver Lake
Side 2: Something Fine; Under The Falling Sky; Looking Into You; Rock Me On The Water; My Opening Farewell
1st UK 7” single off the album was “Doctor, My Eyes” b/w “Looking Into You” on Asylum AYM 503 in April 1972
2nd UK 7” single off the album was “Rock Me On The Water” b/w “Something Fine” on Asylum AYM 506 in August 1972

4. Asylum SYLA 8752 - “Jo Jo Gunne” by JO JO GUNNE (April 1972)
[took their name from a 1958 Chuck Berry song on Chess Records]
Side 1: Run Run Run; Shake That Fat: Babylon; I Make Love; Barstow Blue Eyes
Side 2: 99 Days; Academy Award; Take It Easy; Flying Home
[Note: “Take It Easy” is NOT a cover version of the famous EAGLES track on the Asylum label; it’s a band composition]
1st UK 7” single off the album was “Run Run Run” b/w “Shake That Fat” on Asylum AYM 501 in March 1972
2nd UK 7” single off the album was “Shake That Fat” b/w “I Make Love” on Asylum AYM 507 in ???? 1972 [failed to chart]

5. Asylum SYTC 101 - “Eagles” by EAGLES (August 1972, Gatefold Sleeve)
Side 1: Take It Easy; Witchy Woman; Chug All Night; Most Of Us Are Sad; Nightingale
Side 2: Train Leaves Here This Morning; Take The Devil; Early Bird; Peaceful Easy Feeling; Tryin’
1st UK 7” single off the album was “Take It Easy” b/w “Get You In The Mood” on Asylum AYM 505 in June 1972 [Note: the B-side is a non-album track]
2nd UK 7” single off the album was “Witchy Woman” b/w “Early Bird” on Asylum AYM 508 in September 1972
3rd UK single off the album was “Tryin’” b/w “Chug All Night” on Asylum AYM 512 in February 1973

6. Asylum SYL 9003 - “John David Souther” by JOHN DAVID SOUTHER (October 1972)
Tracks: The Fast One; Run Like A Thief; Jesus In 3/4 Time; Kite Woman; Some People Call It Music; White Wing; It’s The Same; How Long; Out To Sea; Lullaby
UK 7” single off the album was “How Long” b/w “The Fast One” on Asylum AYM 510 in October 1972

7. Asylum SYLA 8753 - “For The Roses” by JONI MITCHELL (December 1972)
Tracks: Banquet; Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire; Barangrill; Lesson In Survival; Let The Wind Carry Me; For The Roses; See You Sometime; Electricity; You Turn Me On I’m A Radio; Blonde In The Bleachers; Woman Of Heart And Mind; Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig’s Tune)
1st UK 7” single off the album was “You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio” b/w “Urge For Going” on Asylum AYM 511 in December 1972 [Note: the B-side was non-album; made its first CD appearance on the JM compilation “Hits” in 1996; it was first aired by Tom Rush in 1968 on his Elektra album “The Circle Game” – the first artist to give a Joni Mitchell song airing – and indeed the title to his album]
2nd UK 7” single off the album was “Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire” b/w “Blonde In The Bleachers” on Asylum AYM 515 in March 1973???

8. Asylum SYL 9004 - “Batdorf & Rodney” by BATDORF & RODNEY (January 1973)
Tracks: Poor Man’s Dream; Oh, Can You Tell Me; Between The Ages; Home Again; By Today; Happy Town; All I Need; Under Fire; Let Me Live The Life

9. Asylum SYL 9005 - “Bite Down Hard” by JO JO GUNNE (April 1973)
Side 1: Ready Freddy; Roll Over Me; 60 Minutes To Go; Rock Around The Symbol; Broken Down Man
Side 2: Special Situations; Take Me Down Easy; Wait A Lifetime; Rhoda
UK 7” single off the album was “Ready Freddy” b/w “Wait A Lifetime” on Asylum AYM 518 in ??? 1973

10. Asylum SYL 9006 - “Heart Food” by JUDEE SILL (April 1973)
Side 1: There’s A Rugged Road/The Kiss/The Pearl/Down Where The Valleys Are Low/The Vigilante
Side 2: Soldier Of The Heart/The Phoenix/When The Bridegroom Comes/The Donor

1. SYL 9007 - “Closing Time” by TOM WAITS (May 1973)
2. SYL 9008 – “Steve Ferguson” by STEVE FERGUSON (June 1973)
3. SYL 9009 - “Nice Baby & The Angel” by DAVID BLUE (June 1973)
4. SYL 9010 - “Ned Doheny” by NED DOHENY (August 1973)
5. SYL 9011 - “Desperado” by EAGLES (June 1973)
6. SYL 9012 - “Don’t Cry Now” by LINDA RONSTADT (October 1973)
7. SYL 9013 - “For Everyman” by JACKSON BROWNE (January 1974)
8. SYL 9014 - “Land’s End” by JIMMY WEBB (August 1974)
Asylum SYL 9015 - “Jumpin’ The Gun” by JO JO GUNNE (April 1974)
Side 1: I Wanna Love You/To The Island/Red Meat/Getaway/Before You Get Breakfast
Side 2: At The Spa/Monkey Music/Couldn’t Love You Better/High School Drool/Neon City/Turn The Boy Loose
9. SYL 9016 - “On The Border” by EAGLES (May 1974)
11. SYL 9018 - “Late For The Sky” by JACKSON BROWNE (December 1974)
Asylum SYL 9019 - “So Where’s The Show” by JO JO GUNNE (January 1975)
Side 1: Where Is The Show/I’m Your Shoe/Single Man/She Said Allright
Side 2: S & M BLVD./Falling Angel/Big, Busted Bombshell From Bermuda/Into My Life/Around The World
12. SYL 9020 - “No Other” by GENE CLARK [of BYRDS] (February 1975)
15. SYL 9023 - “Let There Be Music” by ORLEANS (May 1975)
17. SYL 9025 - “Comin’ Back For More” by DAVID BLUE
18. SYL 9026 - “The Rowans” by THE ROWANS (1975)
19. SYL 9027 - “Jessie’s Jig & Other Favourites” by STEVE GOODMAN (August 1975)
20. SYL 9028 - “Andrew Gold” by ANDREW GOLD (January 1976 USA)

SYLA are Gatefold/Special Sleeve covers:
21. SYLA 8754 - “The Byrds” by THE BYRDS (May 1973)
22. SYLA 8755 – “Rod Taylor” by ROD TAYLOR (August 1973)
23. SYLA 8756 - “Court & Spark” by JONI MITCHELL (March 1974)
25. SYLA 8758 - “The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band” by THE SOUTHER-HILLMAN-FURAY BAND (September 1974)
26. SYLA 8759 - “One Of These Nights” by EAGLES (August 1975)
27. SYLA 8760 - “Trouble In Paradise” by SOUTHER HILLMAN FURAY BAND (September 1975)
28. SYLA 8761 - “Prisoner In Disguise” by LINDA RONSTADT (October 1975)
30. SYLA 8763 – “The Hissing of Summer Lawns” by JONI MITCHELL
(Label stickers on rear sleeve, LP is pressed as SYLA, November 1975)
31. SYSP 902 - “Miles Of Aisles” by JONI MITCHELL (1975) [2LP Live Set] (Jan 75)
32. SYSP 903 - “Nighthawks At The Diner” by TOM WAITS (1975) [2LP Live Set]

Note - both Bob Dylan albums “Planet Waves” and the live double “Before The Flood” were released on Asylum in the “USA” - in the UK; they were released on “Island”.

AYM 501 – Jo Jo Gunne – “Run Run Run” (March 1972)
AYM 502 – Judee Sill – “Jesus Was A Cross Maker” (March 1972)
AYM 503 – Jackson Browne – “Doctor, My Eyes” (April 1972??)
AYM 504 – David Blue – “Looking For A Friend” (March 1972)
AYM 505 – Eagles – “Take It Easy” (June 1972)
AYM 506 – Jackson Browne – “Rock Me On The Water” (August 1972)
AYM 507 – Jo Jo Gunne – “Shake That Fat” (August 1972???)
AYM 508 – Eagles – “Witchy Woman” (September 1972)
AYM 509 – Judee Sill – “Enchanted Sky Machines” (??? 1972)
AYM 510 – John David Souther – “How Long” (September 1972)
AYM 511 – Joni Mitchell – You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio (???? 1972)
AYM 512 – Eagles – “Tryin’ (February 1973??)
AYM 513 – Judee Sill – “The Kiss” (??? 1973)
AYM 514 – ???
AYM 515 – Joni Mitchell – “Cold Blue, Still & Sweet Fire” (??? 1973)
AYM 516 – The Byrds – “Things Will Be Better” (??? 1973)
AYM 517 – The Byrds – “Full Circle” (??? 1973)
AYM 518 – Jo Jo Gunne – “Ready Freddy” (1973)
AYM 519 – ????
AYM 520 – Eagles – “Tequila Sunrise” (August 1973) [see release sheets to 531]

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