Tuesday, 19 August 2014

"SOUNDS GOOD: Exceptional CD Remasters - SOUL, FUNK and JAZZ FUSION" - A New Download Book Of Over 240 In-Depth Reviews (Over 2000 E-Pages) by Mark Barry

Here is my new magnum opus in the “SOUNDS GOOD” Series of Download Books – the SOUL, FUNK and JAZZ FUSION Edition. It features over 240 detailed reviews of Exceptional CD Remasters - massaged, worried over and generally felt up in a salacious and slightly worrying manner (over 2100 e-Pages chock full of relevant info). 

And it’s yours to buy and digitally fondle for only $6.99 or £4.99 on Amazon. And what’s more my handsome but illiterate music lovers - with over 2100 e-pages – it’s worth every crooked Nickel and saggy Euro. Why you can practically smell the Talcum Powder and James Brown sock drawer from here…

Love and lubricants to you all – Mark “Gotta Dance” Barry.

When you purchase on Amazon – it automatically downloads the book and the Kindle reading software to your PC or Mac.

Here is a link to my Amazon Author Page where you can buy the above and view other genre titles in the SOUNDS GOOD series...


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Spines of Exceptional CD Remasters

Spines of Exceptional CD Remasters

INDEX - Artists, Albums, Record Labels, CD Remaster Engineers, Liner Notes Authors, Links etc