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"One By One: The Best Of The Solo Years" by THE TEMPTATIONS - A Review Of The 1996 2CD Remasters...

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"…We're Groovin' Together…” - One By One: The Best Of Their Solo Years – THE TEMPTATIONS (1996 2CD Remasters)

The Temptations are one of the truly great Motown gems - and their solo material I suspect is just as much a magnet for fans. This 1996 2CD set is part of the famous Soul label's "Anthology" series – and while Hip-O Select (of the USA) has subsequently reissued the complete Solo Motown output for leads David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks - the Dennis Edwards and Paul Williams entries on here are rare by comparison. Here are the details for (UK) Motown 530 615-2:

Disc 1 (77:33 minutes):
1. My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) – DAVID RUFFIN
2. I've Lost Everything I’ve Ever Loved – DAVID RUFFIN
3. I'm So Glad I Fell For You – DAVID RUFFIN
4. Which Way To My Baby – DENNIS EDWARDS
5. The Double Cross – DAVID RUFFIN
6. It's So Hard For Me To Say Good-Bye – EDDIE KENDRICKS
7. This Used To Be The Home Of Johnnie Mae – EDDIE KENDRICKS
10. Girl You Need A Change Of Mind – EDDIE KENDRICKS
11. Date With The Rain – EDDIE KENDRICKS
12. Eddie's Love – EDDIE KENDRICKS
13. Feel Like Givin’ Up – PAUL WILLIAMS
14. Once You Had A Heart – PAUL WILLIAMS
15. I Miss You – Pt. 1 – DAVID RUFFIN
16. Common Man – DAVID RUFFIN
17. Darling Come Back Home – EDDIE KENDRICKS
18. Keep On Truckin' – EDIE KENDRICKS
19. Tell Her Love Has Felt The Need – EDDIE KENDRICKS

Tracks 1, 2 and 5 from the January 1969 US album "My Whole World Ended"
Track 3 is from the November 1969 US album "Feelin' Good"
Tracks 6, 7 and 8 is from the April 1971 US album "All By Myself"
Tracks 9, 10, 11 and 12 from the May 1972 US album "People…Hold On"
Track 13 is from "Motown Year By Year: The Sound Of Young America 1973"
Tracks 15 and 16 from the February 1973 US album "David Ruffin"
Tracks 17 and 18 from the May 1973 US album "Eddie Kendricks"
Track 18 from Disc 1 and Track 1 from Disc 2 from the February 1974 US album "Boogie Down!"

Disc 2 (75:36 minutes):
1. Boogie Down – EDDIE KENDRICKS
2. Shoeshine Boy – EDDIE KENDRICKS
4. Get The Cream Off The Top – EDDIE KENDRICKS
5. Walk Away From Love – DAVID RUFFIN
6. Heavy Love – DAVID RUFFIN
7. Statue Of A Fool – DAVID RUFFIN
8. He's A Friend – EDDIE KENDRICKS
9. When The Lights Come Down On Love – DENNIS EDWARDS
10. Everything's Coming Up Love – DAVID RUFFIN
11. Just Let Me Hold You For A Night – DAVID RUFFIN
12. You're My Peace Of Mind – DAVID RUFFIN
13. Don't Look Any Further – DENNIS EDWARDS feat SIEDAH GARRETT
14. (You're My) Aphrodisiac – DENNIS EDWARDS
15. Coolin’ Out – DENNIS EDWARDS

Track 2 from the January 1975 US LP "For You"
Tracks 3 and 4 from the August 1975 US album "The Hit Man"
Tracks 5, 6 and 7 from the October 1975 US LP "Who I Am"
Track 8 from the January 1976 US LP "He's A Friend"
Track 10 is from the May 1976 US LP "Everything's Coming Up Love"
Tracks 11 and 12 from the December 1977 US LP "In My Stride"
Tracks 13 and 14 from the January 1984 US LP "Don't Look Any Further"
Track 15 from the August 1985 US LP "Coolin' Out"
Track 16 is an unreleased 1974 session released on the 1986 2LP set "The Temptations 25h Anniversary"

The 20-page booklet has liner notes by noted writer and music historian A. SCOTT GALLOWAY while the top class remastering is by one of Universal’s most revered tape engineers ERICK LABSON (has over 950 credits to his name). The Sound quality is great – especially on the predominantly Seventies material.

Highlights are many as you can imagine - I especially love the Van McCoy written "Everything's Coming Up Love" with its irrepressible uptempo message and mid-Seventies strings and vibes (lyrics above). I've always loved the whole "People…Hold On" LP by Eddie Kendricks and its leadoff track "If You Let Me" is another gem. The Previously Unreleased tracks are surprisingly good too. 

"One By One: The Best Of Their Solo Years" has become something of a rarity across the years – and at times – very pricey indeed. But it's worth seeking out – and for Motown fans – a must buy. 

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