Thursday, 7 August 2014

"SOUNDS GOOD: Exceptional CD Remasters - 1970's Rock And Pop" - An Amazon Kindle Book by Mark Barry (100 Detailed Reviews)

Here is a link to my AUTHOR'S PAGE on AMAZON where this 370+ page book is available to buy:

Having worked for Reckless Records for over 20 years (one of the best second-hand record shops in London's West End) and having bought/reviewed over 1440 titles (CDs, DVDs and BLU RAYs) - as you can imagine I come across a huge number of reissues - some more worthy than others.

For this 1st Volume of SOUNDS GOOD (concentrating on Seventies Rock and Pop) - I've collated together 100 detailed reviews of what I feel are exceptional CD remasters. Each entry is indepth - focusing on decent remasters - interesting imports - rarities - info that helps a purchase decision etc. 

You get catalogue numbers, barcodes to identify correct issues, playing times, packaging and liner notes descriptions, remaster engineers named and a lot of info on the original album. I often provide a Discography for Box Sets and multiples. These lists include Imports, Audiophile CDs and Japanese SHM-CDs too.

I'll be following the “1970s ROCK and POP ” Kindle e-book with other SOUNDS GOOD titles:

1. SOUNDS GOOD: Soul, Funk and Jazz Fusion 
2. SOUNDS GOOD: Blues, Vocal Groups, R'n'B and R'n'R
3. SOUNDS GOOD: 1960s Rock, Pop, Psych and Garage 
4. SOUNDS GOOD: 1970's Rock and Pop - Volume 2 

Hope you enjoy the read

Mark Barry (August 2014)

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Spines of Exceptional CD Remasters

Spines of Exceptional CD Remasters

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